Pattern Trend | Boho-chic Has Kicked in Summer

Pattern trend--Boho-chic
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Boho-chic owns a mysterious vibe as paisley pattern. Its application is available in a wide array of items ranging from accessories jewelry, headdresses, clothes to footwear. it is a ubiquitous style in summer. To a large extent, Boho-chic is not confined to a single graphic print, either just a certain object. It is not limited to fashion world. Actually, it denotes as a way of life philosophy.

The history of boho-chic can be traced to 1960s. Boho-chic got its name because of the passionate and uninhibited Gypsy and the cultural people of hipsterism, who are the hallmark of enthusiastic and unrestrained features yet free spirited. The trait gives boho-chic same clout. Alongside the temperament of boho-chic, pronounced ethnic color is hung over this design pattern. Iconic tassel, weaving, pleats, full-skirted dress, color broad-stripe totem with blurred and tiered visual effect and trinket like intricate knots, beading, original stone are all the presence of boho-chic style.

This style is adored by people since its emancipated freedom which coincides with the rebellious spirit of the youth. Going by the artful interpretation of fashion, it has defined as the image of romance, folk art and freedom. The original complicated design pattern is stripped down and more opulent color can be seen in boho-chic. Boho-chic hands down the original style and yet makes a mixture of modern urban life style to cater for the aesthetic value of modern under the pace of explored wave of fashion.

With the revival of traditional handicrafts, the brave boho-chic is making a comeback in the spring and summer 2021 fashion trend. Its strong colors and complicated design bring people a strong visual impact and mysterious atmosphere, which adds a great contrast to minimalism style. Here, let us enjoy the glam of boho-chic.

The design pattern-Boho-chic
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Boho-chic style clothes and accessories
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Boho-chic style clothes
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