Pantone—NY Fall/Winter 2018 Fashion Color Trend Report

Pantone—NY Fall&Winter 2018 Fashion Color Trend Report

Different seasons call for different colors. This is because some colors pop more than others during different seasons. The NY Fashion Week catwalk provides a platform that not only showcases new designs but also all the important colors of the upcoming seasons.

The NY Fashion Week Fall/Winter season 2018 featured a wide range of new colors for both men’s and women’s attire. The fashionable clothes that were displayed on the catwalk also featured different classic color palettes for the fall/winter season.

The Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report is a report that reviews the top color choices from designers during the NY Fashion Week Fall/Winter season 2018. The report states that the creative new colors used during that week-long event are geared towards promoting self-expression, personality, and individuality. The report also highlights that the designers move away from colors that follow cyclical trends and instead go for colors that transcend seasons.

Let us take a deeper look into the top 10 color palettes as well as the top 5 classic color palettes during the NY Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2018–innovative and awe-inspiring colors featured in the fashion color trend report.

Top 10 Color Palettes for Fall/Winter 2018
1.Red Pear
Scrumptious deep red, whose rich and juicy depth seduces and entices the eyes.

2.Valiant Poppy
A pleasantly brave and extrovert red shade that’s profuse in its appeal.

3.Nebulas Blue
A cool blue that resonates with a starry-eyed blue twilight.

NY Top 10 Color Palettes for Fall&Winter 2018 01-05

4.Ceylon Yellow
Spicy yellow shade adds a fun and a touch of vibrancy to the color palette.

5.Martini Olive
The sophisticated and urbane green hue adds authenticity and depth and promotes neutrality.

6.Russet Orange
This cozy orange adds a certain warmth and comfort to the event.

7.Ultra Violet
Ultra violet, color of the year 2018, is imaginative and futuristic, shedding light on what is to come in the future.

8.Crocus Petal
A gracious and cultivated shade projects airiness and adds a free and open spring-like feeling.

NY Top 10 Color Palettes for Fall&Winter 2018 06-10

This pungent and effervescent yellow-green shade takes center stage. It steals the show and draws all the attention that comes with it at will.

10.Quetzal Green
A classy and elegant blue-green shade projects a rich impression.

5 Classic Color Palettes for Fall/Winter 2018
1.Sargasso Sea
Eternal sea of blue is magnificent to behold. The vast and unending blue shade moor the palette.

Creamy white touch balances everything out.

3.Almond Buff
Natural camel shade with a cute and unpretentious appeal.

NY 5 Classic Color Palettes for Fall&Winter 2018

4.Quiet Gray
Unobtrusive soft gray shade that is timeless.

An adaptable and easy-going toasty polished brown shade that screams retro.

Source/Image: Pantone LLC

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