Pantone – New York Fashion Week Spring 2019 Color Palette

Pantone Color Report NY Fashion Week Spring 2019

At SBS Zipper, we pride ourselves in setting fashion trends. And with the NY Fashion Week of Spring 2019 already underway, we were keen to examine Pantone’s Color Trend Report. Each season, the Pantone Color Institute compiles a fashion color_trend report. The report indicates the top colors designers will be featuring in their collections for the upcoming season. Pantone reported that the colors, “transcend seasonality for both men’s and women’s fashion.”

For the NYWF Spring 2019, the Pantone Report covered 12 vibrant color shades and 4 neutral shades. According to the Pantone, the colors at the NYFW, “reflect our desire to face the future with inspiring colors which provide confidence and spirit.”

About the Spring/Summer 2019 NYFW Color Palette – Vibrant Shades

Pantone Color Report NY Fashion Week Spring 2019 4

PANTONE 17-1564 – Fiesta
A celebratory orange-red, Fiesta emits energy, desire, and exhilaration.

PANTONE 19-1862 – Jester Red
Adding layers of depth and intensity, Jester Red combines opulence with urbanity.

PANTONE 15-1264 – Turmeric
Turmeric is a stimulating orange that imbues a touch of verve and spirit into the palette.

PANTONE 16-1546 – Living Coral
Living Coral is a pleasant shade whose golden undertone conjures up feelings of joy and relaxation.

Pantone Color Report NY Fashion Week Spring 2019 1

PANTONE 18-2045 – Pink Peacock
The enticing and vibrant Pink Peacock is a sight to behold.

PANTONE 17-0542 – Pepper Stem
The fresh yellow-green Pepper Stem is reminiscent of nature’s healthy bounty.

PANTONE 13-0850 – Aspen Gold
Shinning a light on our day, the sunny Aspen Gold revitalizes us with energy and good vibes.

PANTONE 19-4150 – Princess Blue
Princess Blue is an imposing royal blue hue, that glints, and gleams.

Pantone Color Report NY Fashion Week Spring 2019 2

PANTONE 18-1031 – Toffee
The delicious, mouthwatering Toffee whets the appetite.

PANTONE 15-0960 – Mango Mojito
The golden yellow Mango Mojito comforts and soothes the soul.

PANTONE 18-0416 – Terrarium Moss
The Terrarium Moss is reminiscent of flourishing foliage in the natural world.

PANTONE 14-2808 – Sweet Lilac
The Sweet Lilac is a warm, lovable pink infused lavender that charms in a gentle and quiet manner.

Spring/Summer 2019 NYFW Color Palette – Neutrals Tones

Pantone Color Report NY Fashion Week Spring 2019 3

PANTONE 13-0919 – Soybean
The Soybean is a reliable and versatile neutral palette that naturally appeals.

PANTONE 19-3810 – Eclipse
Both serious and mysterious, the Eclipse is a profound blue that resembles the midnight sky .

PANTONE 11-0106 – Sweet Corn
Sweet Corn allures with its soft, creamy and buttery attitude.

PANTONE 19-0805 Brown Granite
Grounded and robust, the Brown Granite is modest, genuine and eternal.

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