Pantone-New York Fashion Week Spring 2018 Color Palette

Pantone-New York Fashion Week Spring 2018 Color Palette

Spring is now coming around and it means new fashion lines, new designers, new outfits and new colors.

When it comes to fashion, color is a main contributing factor. It is the first thing most people notice and it could either complete your outfit or completely ruin it. Every year, a whole range of different colors become in fashion, while others become outdated.

Let us take a look at the Top 12 New York Color Palette for Spring 2018 and the Spring 2018 Classic Color Palette picked out by the Pantone team for the coming season.

Top 12 Color Palette Spring 2018
All of these colors have been specially chosen by fashion professionals from around the world and to be featured by various designers in their upcoming collections. These top 12 colors will become your best friends for the entire spring season for the upcoming year and will definitely help keep you in trend.

[PANTONE 13-0646] Meadowlark
This bright yellow color will be perfect especially for our optimists out there. Use this color to highlight your outfit and bring about a little touch of happiness to everybody’s day and to the Spring 2018 Palette.

[PANTONE 17-1563] Cherry Tomato
Cherry Tomato is deep red that exhibits romance and sexiness. It is very seductive and sensual, that everybody can’t help, but take a look at you. This color exhibits confidence and power, perfect for parties and other social events and of course, the Spring 2018 Palette.

New York Top 12 Color Palette Spring 2018 01-04

[PANTONE 16-4132] Little Boy Blue
This dark blue shade takes away from the brighter blue that everybody knows and loves. It is a good shade of blue that will match with almost any color. Despite its name, it is a more mature color that will give out a sense of professionalism.

[PANTONE 18-1440] Chili Oil
This reddish-brown may seem like something you wouldn’t wear normally, but is something you should wear. It is darker color balancing out any bright shades you wear, giving you a leveled look.

[PANTONE 14-3207] Pink Lavender
A softer color that may remind you of your youth, Pink Lavender gives off the tone of romance while remaining innocent, opposite to that of the Cherry Tomato shade. It is quite pleasing to look at and is soft to the eyes.

[PANTONE 15-1520] Blooming Dahlia
Blooming Dahlia, a more peachy shade, is the perfect mid-tone – not too warm, but also not too soft. It is quite a natural color, yet it is very eye-catching in its own manner.

New York Top 12 Color Palette Spring 2018 05-08

[PANTONE 16-5533] Arcadia
This blue-green shade that may remind you of nature will give a refreshing feeling to you and people who look at your outfit. Not only it is aesthetically-pleasing, but it is a clean color that is unique.

[PANTONE 18-3838] Ultra Violet
Just like its name, there is no other way to describe this color, but just as a very violet shade of Violet. The color catches your eye and lures you in, giving you a color experience like no other.

[PANTONE 18-1028] Emperador
Looking at this color, the first thing you might be reminded is chocolate. Emperador is rich color that will help liven up the other colors of the Spring 2018 Palette.

[PANTONE 12-2103] Almost Mauve
Almost Mauve is a very soft shade that is almost close to white. This shade would remind you of a dreamlike state and gives off a clean vibe with a touch of exquisiteness.

New York Top 12 Color Palette Spring 2018 09-12

[PANTONE 17-3020] Spring Crocus
A vivacious and vibrant color, Spring Crocus is living up to its name, making it perfect for the Spring 2018 Palette.

[PANTONE 13-0550] Lime Punch
Another bright yellow, but this time with a greenish undertone, this shade is quite notable and distinctive. It is a unique shade that you may never have thought of wearing, which is exactly why it adds courage to the Spring 2018 Palette.

Classic Color Palette Spring 2018
Classic colors are the shades that would be the base of your outfit. These shades will always be in style and they are the basics that will bring all the other colors to life.

Classic Color Palette Spring 2018

[PANTONE 19-4034] Sailor Blue
This deep, royal color will exhibit a sense of maturity giving the palette a good ground to contrast.

[PANTONE 14-4202] Harbor Mist
Close to gray, Harbor Mist is a mysterious color bringing out the shadows for all the Spring 2018 Palette.

[PANTONE 15-1214] Warm Sand
A beachy color, this shade is quite neutral, making it suitable for all the other colors in the palette.

[PANTONE 11-0608] Coconut Milk
A sweeter color, this shade of white is the best foundation for all the Spring 2018 Palette colors and the perfect white to balance out all those shades.

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Source: Pantone

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