Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report on London Fashion Week 2022 Spring/Summer


Color is a magic language to express our desire for unconstrained expression to breaking through limits and then extending our vision border. Pantone has focused on trend forecasting and color research for a long history. Just a few days ago, it published a Fashion Color Trend Report on London Fashion Week 2022 Spring/Summer. As always, it settles ten top standout colors and five core classics. It is expected to see some color diversities that emerged on fashion designers’new Spring/Summer collections in London.

The color palette for LFW 2022 Spring/Summer integrates nature and need for comfort and familiartiy with airy pastels, carefree and conspicuous brights all together. This color collection is clogged with complement and contrast themes. Furthermore, taking these colors to spur new sentiments of spontaneity and simplicity. Then to bring out playful creativity and unconstrained expression.

There is a deep connection between color application and the cultural mood. Every touch of color shows its completely different image towards new future which demostrates our fervent eagerness for playful creativity and lighthearted expression.

The Color Palette for 2022 Spring/Summer LFW

Pantone 14-5713: Cascade is redolent with crystal-clear waters, dreamy tint unlocks cools and refreshes.

Pantone 16-1349: Vivacious Coral Rose energises an uplift emotion.

Pantone 18-4143: Super Sonic owns a strong electric power.

Pantone 12-0825: Popcorn features a bright and cheery hue that gives warmth to people.

Pantone 13-2004: Potpourri is a gentle and carefree pastel pink.

the SpringSummer 2022 London Colour Palette1

Pantone 17-1928: Visually arresting Bubblegum conveys playfulness and positivity.

Pantone 18-1160: Sudan Brown sends vitality from great outdoors which coincides with naturally rich earth-baked brown.

Pantone 15-0549: The air of acidic Fresh Sprout is clearly visible.

Pantone 14-3612: Orchid Bloom expresses our heartfelt love to nature’s florals.

Pantone 18-1307: A tasteful brown that meets the basic and charm.

the SpringSummer 2022 London Colour Palette2

The Core Classics for 2022 Spring/Summer LFW

Pantone 11-1001: The pure and light white Alyssum hits our mind directly for an easy and carefree simplicity.

Pantone 15-1304: Humus is a comforting hue with fully pragmatic.

Pantone 15-6316: Fair Green is a smoothing green with little aggressive.

Pantone 14-4104: The pale grey of Northern Droplet imbues with tranquility emotion.

Pantone 18-4004: Deep grey Poppy Seed interpretes silent power of timeless familiarity.

the SpringSummer 2022 London Core Classics

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