Pantone Fall 2017 Fashion Color Report

Pantone Fall 2017 Fashion Colors
Image Courtesy:Pantone

PANTONE has released the Panton Fashion Color Report Fall 2017 edition, which is a comprehensive overview of how fashion designers use color in their seasonal collections. The report highlights the top colors for women’s and men’s fashion for the upcoming fall season for New York and Landon.

Here is a quick overview of the colors.

Color Palette for New York
1. Grenadine
Grenadine is quite a powerful and dynamic color that combines confidence and self-assuredness. We have seen tailored pants, high-shine tops and even embroidered pantsuit doing fine in this color.

2.Tawny Port
The Tawny Port is an elegant, tasteful and sophisticated kind of red that just takes you to a whole new level.

3.Ballet Slipper
Ballet Slipper descends from the red family but has some kind of flattering softer touch. So if you wish to lend a soft touch to your look, whether it’s crisp pantsuit or a velvet cocktail dress, you cannot go wrong with Ballet Slipper.

Butterum is rather a snug, toasty and warming shade that makes you want to envelop yourself with it on one of those cold nights. This is a perfect color choice for a cool fall evening.

5.Navy Peony
Navy Peony is described as an anchoring and dependable shade by many designers. The color is stable and solid and can form a perfect inky neutral hue next to black.

Pantone Top 10 Fashion Colors for New YorkImage Source:Pantone

6.Neutral Gray
Neutral Gray plays a similar anchoring role as Navy Peony. You can use this shade as a head-to-toe statement or as an accent shade. But beware that head-to-toe statement can come out a little dull if not enhanced.

7.Shaded Spruce
This is a protective and sheltering green that you might see in the forest. It has a sprinkle of forest and dash of pine.

8.Golden Lime
If you are looking for a refreshing complement to your fall classics, this shade of golden undertones has got you covered. It’s quite a hard color to pull off.

This is probably the only cool color in this fall pellet that comes with brightness and freshness. Think of wearing marina as equal to drinking a cold and refreshing glass of water.

10.Autumn Maple
Autumn Maple yet again introduces warmth into this palette with a blend of russet and tawny. It’s richly textured and quite evocative while on the runway.

Color Palette for London
1. Flame Scarlet

Scarlet is generally a brilliant red color with an orange tinge. Flame Scarlet is thought to be the most popular for fall in London.

2.Primrose Pink
When searching for Primrose Pink, you will most likely come across names such as pink evening primrose, showy evening primrose and Mexican primrose. It’s such a gentle and embracing shade of pale pink you cannot ignore.

Toast is quite an impressive choice that seamlessly spans across various seasons. Apart from fall, you can effortlessly comfort yourself with the warm presence of this color in winter.

Bluebell is a reflection of tranquility and connection. Like most blue hues, bluebell brings about a soothing sense of calmness and peace.

5.Royal Lilac
Royal Lilac can be described as a light purple or dark mauve representation of violet. Well, that sounds a little confusing, but for the sake of simplicity, just think of Royal Lilac as a theoretical linkage to other colors in the palette.

Pantone Top 10 Fashion Colors for London

Image Source:Pantone

For a long time, Otter was thought to be a country color. But all that seems to be changing now. This earthy shade of brown is slowly taking over the city, and you should expect to be seeing it around more this coming fall.

7.Navy Peony
Finally, something that London and New York seems to share. Navy Peony is quite a solid hue that perfectly complements black and gives it a neutral look.

8.Copper Tan
Copper Tan is just one of those rare colors you don’t pull off easily. But it has a rather welcoming warmth perfect for fall and autumn.

9.Lemon Curry
Lemon Curry is a shade of yellow blended with green to give a near plain golden hue. It’s spicy and exotic with tanginess to add a memory story to the season.

10.Golden Olive
Golden Olive gives a new twist to the traditional Olive with a strong sense of sturdiness.


PANTONE is a global color authority that provides professional color standards for the fashion and design industry. Pantone’s universal color language is today used by over 100 million design professionals globally to communicate color choices, access color trends and manage color consistency across different surfaces, textures, and finishes.

Pantone has set out an objective to forecast color trends and study how different colors affect human emotions, thought processes and physical reactions. Panton is also committed to helping design professionals understand color and utilize it effectively.


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