Pantone Color Trend Report for NYFW A/W 2022/2023

Pantone Color Trend Report for NYFW AW 2022&23

The color trend report is published by the Pantone Color Institute™ in two period a year. This is exclusive for appareling industry which are expected to see these color trends to be introduced in the latest seasonal collection by fashion designers. The season’s report from Pantone for NYFW that narrates the top ten prefferred colors for the current prevalence and five core classice for everlasting tones.

According to Pantone experts’statements, color trends for New York Autumn/Winter reflect our blended lifestyles and contradictory desires for moving toward a new landscape. These seasonal colors support our need for nourishment and tactility, while providing a calm and restorative space that sastisfies our desire for comfort. Simultaneously, these colors enlighten us to break free and embrace the joy of life. Taking super bright hues that takes on great energy to enhance vitality and celebrate life.

As the description of Pantone executive director, Colors for Autumn/Winter 2022/2023 featuring with exuberant tones that contrast our competitive desire for calm and comfort, and try to boost vitality by a range of restorative and serene colors. Since we are in a contradictive environment, this palette enables consumers to move smoothly between a range of contrasting hues, allowing them to spontaneously express their identity and feeling on any given day.

Herein the top ten standout colors for NYFW Autumn/Winter 2022/2023:

Contrasting colors combine our co-existing desire for rest and comfort with exuberant tones.

PANTONE 18-1552 Lava Falls

As the name implies, it is full of gushing power and evokes all positive and optimistic energy.

PANTONE 14-0851 Samoan Sun

Such a cheerful tone of sunshine enlightens and illuminates us.

PANTONE 16-1358 Orange Tiger

The gregarious orange tiger, a whimsical high-visibility orange.

PANTONE 17-2624 Rose Violet

Lively rose violet is full of energy.

PANTONE 18-6024 Amazon

The green hue of Amazon is lush and rich in broadleaf.

top ten standout colors for NYFW AutumnWinter 2022&23(1)

PANTONE 14-2806 Nosegay

It just as a fragrant pink flower nosegay that envelop the senses.

PANTONE 14-4618 Waterspout

Waterspout owns cleansing, cool freshness by nature.

PANTONE 18-1148 Caramel Café

This brown is a delicious tone with a captivating presence.

PANTONE 19-4127 Midnight

Midnight blue is a hypnotic deep blue that recalls the evening sky.

PANTONE 18-0625 Martini Olive

Martini Olive is a fruit-inspired green hue with a hint of salt taste.

top ten standout colors for NYFW AutumnWinter 2022&23(2)

Five core classics for NYFW Autumn/Winter 2022/2023:

Classic, non-seasonal color with versatile nature conveys the feeling of enduring freshness.

PANTONE 12-0602 Arctic Wolf

This beige tint is a soft and tactile shaded white.

PANTONE 12-0813 Autumn Blonde

Creamy texture of blonde color is filled with gentle and nutritious.

PANTONE 19-4105 Polar Night

Polar Night inspires from cosmic blue hue. This a mysterious space waiting to explore new horizons.

PANTONE 17-0210 Loden Frost

Loden Frost Green is a green hue that infuses the earth to calm and restore.

PANTONE 16-3917 Chiseled Stone

Chiseled Stone presents the strength of silence without presumptive.

Five core classics for NYFW AutumnWinter 2022&23

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