Pantone Color Trend Report for LFW AW 2022/2023

Pantone Color Trend Report for LFW AW 2022&23

The color fashion trend for London fashion week Autumn/Winter 2022/2023 is a hybrid that emphasises a transition from chaos to calm. This palette blends our nature-centred respect for environment and yearning for wellbeing and serenity with light pastel and energising brightness that send out a message imbued with celebrating joy and optimism. It is rife with conventional contradictons, so to speak. That reflects our need for harmony and serenity. Concurrently, providing the opportunity to express our individuality without any constraints.

As executive director of the Pantone Color Insitute said, looking ahead, we see two emerging roads that are completely diverse while inextricably intertwined. This strong dichotomy is reflected in our color selection for this season, bold and brash colors come in sight to exaggerate statements expressing our hope to embrace life with impassioned energy´╝îblending with a flurry of neutral and natural color, illustrating a sense of calm and compatibility and satisfying our need for harmony and peace.

The top ten standout colors for LFW Autumn/Winter 2022/2023:

It is all about a timeless palette is compatible with artful brights, which are imbued with energy and excitement to hug our desire for serenity and stability.

PANTONE 18-1555 Molten Lava

This red is a burning bright with hot and intense tone.

PANTONE 16-1460 Dragon Fire

Dragon Fire orange fizz with energy and excitement.

PANTONE 19-3526 Meadow Violet

The magical meadow violets are fascination and intriguing.

PANTONE 18-6026 Abundant Green

This green tone is loaded with luxuriant green that symbolically represents flourishing foliage.

PANTONE 14-0952 Spicy Mustard

Spicy mustard yellow is highly exotic.

top ten standout colors for LFW AutumnWinter 2022&23(1)

PANTONE 17-4032 Lichen Blue

Inspired by nature, this blue tone evokes serenity.

PANTONE 13-2005 Strawberry Cream

Creamy pink tint is imbued with sweet flavor to the air.

PANTONE 14-4618 Waters pout

Waterspout owns cleansing, cool freshness by nature.

PANTONE 19-1419 Chicory Coffee

It is a good picture of roasted earthy brown color.

PANTONE 17-0529 Cardamom Seed

This green tone is drawed from citrusy herbal pod.

top ten standout colors for LFW AutumnWinter 2022&23(2)

Five core classics for LFW Autumn/Winter 2022/2023:

Classics always convey the no out-of-date senses at all seasons with freshness.

PANTONE 12-1403 Tapioca

A creamy color of tapioca is warm and cozy.

PANTONE 15-1040 Iced Coffee

Flavored iced coffed brown is an alluring creamy hue.

PANTONE 16-1347 Peach Caramel

This color displays a warm, delicious sweet peach in sight.

PANTONE 19-4021 Blueberry

Blueberry is a dark and deep indigo.

PANTONE 18-4006 Quiet Shade

Grey shadowed is an understated, quiet and sturdy shade.

Five core classics for LFW AutumnWinter 2022&23

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