Pantone Color Report-New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2021

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Recently, the PANTONE Color Institute has posted the latest color trends for New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2021. In the post-epidemic era, people are more eager to have a smart color that is suitable for all the year round. Therefore, the definition of colors in seasons is more relaxed and versatile. People have more freedom to choose colors to match with more diversified styles. This give high flexibility to express their inner emotions and personalities. So according to the colors presented at New York Fashion Week Spring /Summer 2021, more creative colors will be inspired to cheer us up.

Top 10 Color Trends in New York Spring/Summer 2021

1 Color Trends in New York SpringSummer 2021
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PANTONE 14-1050 – Marigold

A cozy warm yellow-orange hue adds a touch of warmth to spring and summer.

PANTONE 15-4020 – Cerulean

The hazy and limpid color is filled with romance, like a cool breeze blowing in summer, which makes the body and mind comfortable and carefree.

PANTONE 18-1248 – Rust

Rust color is originated from the earth. Which is an emblematic of Autumn and gives us a sense of affinity in Spring.

PANTONE 13-0647 – Illuminating

Lively and hop color is just like name of this color, arousing the inner pleasure and evoking positive energy.

PANTONE 18-4140 – French Blue

High saturation of a blush of blue tone, breaks the depressing mood and mobilizes the vibrant spring.

2 Color Trends in New York SpringSummer 2021
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PANTONE 13-0117 – Green Ash

The light mint green tone expresses the fresh and pleasant summer and soothes the fiery emotion.

PANTONE 16-1529 – Burnt Coral

Adding a touch of red tone to the coral color brings more enthusiasm and joy.

PANTONE 16-5938 – Mint

standout mint color in the summer is very refreshing, with a full sense of oxygen.

 PANTONE 17-3628 – Amethyst Orchid

The amethyst orchid that combines grace and sex appeal, takes on a forward vogue, which gleams with unique temperament.

PANTONE 18-2043 – Raspberry Sorbet

Appealing fruit color Raspberry fuse into sorbet looks really inviting.

5 Core Classics in New York Spring/Summer 2021

5 core classics in New York SpringSummer 2021
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PANTONE 19-4016 – Inkwell

Deep and rich inky blue is quite sober.

PANTONE 17-5104 – Ultimate Gray

Low saturation of the ultimate gray is low-key and far away from bustle, but there is a deep charm.

PANTONE 11-0110 – Buttercream

The smooth buttercream fills the sweetness in the air.

PANTONE 14-1127 – Desert Mist

This color conjures up images of vast sandy deserts.

PANTONE 16-0632 – Willow

Invoking a scene of a canopy of green flickering gently.

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