Pantone Color Report-London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2021

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London is a city of infinite inventiveness. As the second stop of fashion Week, London has its own location as being a little weird, a little wild, yet very chic. Fashion lovers all over the world are waiting for it to bring us new fashion trends and inspire ingenuity. Clearly, the London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2021 didn’t disappointing. In addition to all kinds of eye-catching styles melt with the prolific colors display in fashion week,which fully reflects the mood and spiritual yearning of fashion. Now let’s follow the Pantone Color Report to take a look at fashion color trends from London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2021.

Top 10 Color Trends in London Spring/Summer 2021

1 Color Trends in London SpringSummer 2021
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PANTONE 14-3205 – Pirouette

After the haze and depression of 2020, the pink undertone of white appears, which is tender, bringing us extreme comfort.

PANTONE 16-0436 – Pickled Pepper

Mixing with vibrant grass green color and a touch of light yellow provokes tangy memories about pickled pepper.

PANTONE 15-3716 – Purple Rose

The light purple is quietly elegant, which presents feeling of lightsome grace. Fresh fashion taste hit you just like a rose blooming.

PANTONE 16-1253 – Orange Ochre

This slant red warm tone must go for all seasons and break up the cool of early spring.

PANTONE 13-5412 – Beach Glass

Like the sun shining on the sea, brings full of sunshine into our hearts and release the dull emotion.

2 Color Trends in London SpringSummer 2021
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PANTONE 14-1050 – Marigold

Marigold orange as a warm autumn hue, but express enthusiastic in the spring without any discomfort.

PANTONE 18-4250 – Indigo Bunting

This is a healing color considered to be intermediate between bright blue and dark blue. It symbolizes bright and gorgeous spirit.

Pantone 18-1552 – Lava Falls

As the name implies, it is full of gushing power and evokes all positive and optimistic energy.

PANTONE 13-0647 – Illuminating

High bright color brings joy and optimism to every cell of our body

PANTONE 16-4535 – Blue Atoll

Blue atoll combined with natural style and scientific aesthetic feeling. It looks romantic and fresh and advanced

5 Core Classics in London Spring/Summer 2021

5 Core Classics in London SpringSummer 2021
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PANTONE 11-0202 – Baby’s Breath

This tinted off-white color appears soft mood. Just like the baby fall asleep make you feels breathe smoothly and delicately.

PANTONE 17-1221 – Macchiato

Like a cup of coffee with milk, warms the Spring. This neutral tone plays well on a variety of items.

PANTONE 19-4105 – Polar Night

Having resembling character of black color, which embodies a profoundly deep peace.

PANTONE 17-5104 – Ultimate Gray

It caters to the trend of minimalism, which is quietly low-key, unpretentious, but extremely attractive.

PANTONE 18-0529 – Sphagnum

Seeing the moss color, you may feel the smell of nature, which arouses our passion to explore life.

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