Choosing Your Water Protected Bags: Water Resistant, Water Repellent or Waterproof

June 25, 2016 SBSZIPPER 0

You might hear about the terms waterproof, water resistant, and water repellant before. Yet, not many of us understand the differences and their correct applications. For bags and luggage, all three types are available to provide some sort of water protection. Yet, all three are not made the same. But what actually are the differences between the three and which one will be the most suitable for your planned activities?

The Creative Use of Different Types of Zips in Clothing

June 24, 2016 SBSZIPPER 0

A zipper which is also referred to as a zip is a fastening device. It is commonly used for binding the edges of the opening of fabrics or other flexible materials, including clothing (jackets, jeans, etc.), luggage &  bags, camping gear (tents ,sleeping bags, etc.), sporting goods and so forth. It works by the zip slider that moves up or down to mesh together or separate the two opposing rows of alternating teeth or elements.

How To Fix A Stuck Zipper On A Down Jacket With Bar Soap

June 22, 2016 SBSZIPPER 2

A down jacket can be referred to as a warm jacket which is filled with the soft feathers of a goose or duck, whose outer layer is made of nylon or polyester materials. Down or the soft feathers are often taken from the breasts & wings of the goose or duck. Therefore, it is more expensive compared to other protective products. In spite of their higher prices, the down jackets enjoy great popularity in winter.

A Guide To The Installation And Application of SBS Invisible Zippers

June 16, 2016 SBSZIPPER 0

With the increasing diversification of women’s dressing styles, fabrics and sewing methods, more attention should be paid to the installation and application of invisible zippers due to their special design. In this post, we would like to point out some of the issues that you may frequently run into during the installation and application of invisible zippers, and provide some solutions accordingly.

How To Prevent The Discoloration Of SBS Metal Zippers

June 14, 2016 SBSZIPPER 3

With the development of the clothing industry, the new materials, new techniques as well as the washing process and post-treatment of the ready-to-wear products have witnessed increasing diversification. You may have experienced the discoloration of the teeth and slider of the metal zipper (red copper, brass & copper-nickel-zinc alloy) or dye transfer of the fabrics during the washing or post-treatment process.

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