The Gorgeous Princess Charlene At The 68th Red Cross Gala Event

July 28, 2016 SBSZIPPER 0

With its 68th edition, the Monaco Red Cross Gala happens to be one of the oldest fundraisers in the world. Inaugurated in 1948 by the young and handsome Prince Rainier III of Monaco, the purpose of this unique and extravagant event is to raise awareness and funds for the several humanitarian efforts taken on board by the Monaco Red Cross. Few of the social activities performed by the Monaco Red Cross include providing first aid, hospital assistance, help for the elderly and poor and nurse facility. Since its initiation, the Monaco Red Cross Gala has seen its stage lightened by [Continue Reading]

Facts You Should Know About Effective Fashion Marketing

July 23, 2016 SBSZIPPER 0

Fashion is one of the greatest business ideas that have taken the world in a bang. Everywhere you go, you will find new fashion designs and new fashion items and creative means of promoting the fashion goods. The fashion industry has become very competitive, and everyone is using every single means possible to stay ahead of others. You should not be left behind in this cutthroat competition since there is crucial fashion marketing that you can put into practice and drive your business fortunes exceptionally high. Males’ fashion marketing has been on an upward trajectory, and is catching up with [Continue Reading]

How The Zipper Changed The Fashion Industry

July 22, 2016 SBSZIPPER 0

Since its introduction to the fashion world in the early 1900s, the zipper has become one of the most common fastening items, up there with the button. Often taking for granted, we use it every day without noticing its significance, let alone its history. But the zipper was a phenomenon, a game-changer back when its first founded. Not only for its functionality to simplify fastening process dramatically, but also for adding another dimension to the fashion design itself, giving accents in a non-functional ways. Check your closet, most certainly you have fashion items that utilize zippers as fashion details. A [Continue Reading]

The 23rd HK Fashion Week| Eco-Friendly Technology Leads The Sustainable Fashion

July 13, 2016 SBSZIPPER 0

The 23rd Hong Kong FWSS (Fashion Week for SS) ended on July 7th at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre. The four-day event was organized by HKTDC (Hong Kong Trade Development Council), attracting over 13 thousand buyers across 68 regions and countries. In correspondence with the raising awareness of sustainable fashion for the industry, for example, cutting down on carbon emission & energy consumption, the fair centered on probing into eco-friendly & sustainable technologies and measurement tools that will contribute to the improvement in the production efficiency and result in the realization of healthy growth. It launched a new  zone [Continue Reading]

Knowledge You Should Know About Heat Transfer Printing

July 9, 2016 SBSZIPPER 0

Applied to the printing of novelty items earlier, such as T-shirts, polyester tops, etc., heat transfer printing has now enjoyed great popularity in a variety of industries, the apparel industry in particular. It can be applied to a wide range of products, including T-shirts, sports apparel, jackets, caps, swimsuits, tote bags, crystals &rhinestones, chips, ceramic tiles, displays, signage, banners, metals, wood, mugs, etc. Heat transfer printing transfers a design to a substrate based on an intermediate step. The patterns are printed onto the heat-resistant base film beforehand through the release treatment and then transferred to the product surface by lettering [Continue Reading]

Choosing A Zipper Based on Teeth Material

July 9, 2016 SBSZIPPER 0

Zippers come in varying types and sometimes choosing one can be a daunting and confusing task with so many options available. Not only that, but also there are many ways to classify a zipper, the difference of the slider, the functionality, the material of which it’s made, etc. One of the easiest ways to distinguish a zipper is by studying its teeth and the material of which it is made. Below we will learn about the types and what each type is generally applied to. 1. Nylon Coil Zippers In this zipper, the teeth/elements are made from coiled nylon monofilament. [Continue Reading]

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