A Guide To The Installation And Application of SBS Invisible Zippers

June 16, 2016 SBSZIPPER 0

With the increasing diversification of women’s dressing styles, fabrics and sewing methods, more attention should be paid to the installation and application of invisible zippers due to their special design. In this post, we would like to point out some of the issues that you may frequently run into during the installation and application of invisible zippers, and provide some solutions accordingly. 1.The fabric/thread gets stuck in the slider. As for the double-layer clothing whose outer layer involves fluffy and light/meshy/irregular lace or residual thread, the fabric will easily get caught in the internal cavity of the slider, which will [Continue Reading]

How To Prevent The Discoloration Of SBS Metal Zippers

June 14, 2016 SBSZIPPER 3

With the development of the clothing industry, the new materials, new techniques as well as the washing process and post-treatment of the ready-to-wear products have witnessed increasing diversification. You may have experienced the discoloration of the teeth and slider of the metal zipper (red copper, brass & copper-nickel-zinc alloy) or dye transfer of the fabrics during the washing or post-treatment process. In this post, we will analyze the causes of the problems as well as the precautions that can be taken to eliminate or prevent the problems. Discoloration Occurs With The Metal As is known to all, the copper alloy [Continue Reading]

SBS Actively Attended International Exhibition And Developed Overseas Market

June 4, 2016 SBSZIPPER 0

SBS Zipper had participated in the international garment industry forum, the 115th China import and export commodities fair, the 11st India international textile fabrics and accessories exhibition and many other international exhibitions from April to June, 2016. At these exhibitions, participants displayed new products and negotiated with the international customers face to face to develop regular and potential customers, carrying out the strategic plan that exploring international market deeply and developing international brands and  distributors. The International Garment Industry Forum: Analyze the Market On April 1st to April 2nd, the International Garment Industry Forum was held in Hongkong. As the sponsor, [Continue Reading]

Tips on Proper Zipper Care and Maintenance

May 28, 2016 SBSZIPPER 0

Opening or Closing the Slider Takes a Lot of Effort While most people’s first reaction to a slider that won’t open or close properly is to forcefully tug on it, this usually does more harm than good. The proper way to take care of this problem is to first apply a lubricating spray like FastenerMate to the front and back sides of the elements. After applying and working in the lubrication, the slider should now be able to close and open effortlessly. Elements are Detaching from the Tape Zipping up a bag that is overfilled puts a lot of pressure [Continue Reading]

A Comprehensive Purchasing Guide To Zippers

May 28, 2016 SBSZIPPER 4

Introduction to Zippers Zippers are one of the most commonly used fastening devices. We see it everywhere ranging from items of clothing such as trousers, dresses, skirts, and jackets. Luggage, whether fashion bag or traveling bag. Outdoor equipment, such as tents and raincoats, etc. Ignored by many, zippers are actually a very important item in the sewing and fashion industry. The concept of zipper invention started as early as 1851 by Elias Howe, and then perfected by Whitcomb L. Judson during the later part of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. But it wasn’t until 1913 [Continue Reading]

Zipper Terminologies You Should Know

May 28, 2016 SBSZIPPER 2

A zipper, known by many as a locker, is mostly used for bringing together the edge of an opening. That opening can be made of fabric or flexible materials such as a bag or a garment. Zippers are generally used in clothing, luggage, sporting and camping gears. Zippers are of different types such as coil zippers, invisible zippers, metal zippers, reverse coil zippers, open-end zippers, two way open-end zippers and plastic molded zippers. Here are some important definitions you should know to assist in your zipper needs.

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