A Brief Guide for Sewing Metal Buttons on Fabric

August 21, 2018 SBSZIPPER 0

Metal buttons are made from metal materials like brass and zinc alloy and then applied to clothing for practical or decorative function, including rivets, buckles, eyelets, labels, etc. In order to fully ensure the connecting function and the decorative value, metal buttons must been sewed on clothing properly according to the different features of buttons and fabrics.

Don’t Miss the 19/20 Autumn & Winter Color and Fabric Trend

August 14, 2018 SBSZIPPER 0

Each season has its characteristic, so that fashion always makes adjustment to adapt to different styles. Color is a key powerhouse of fashion trends all the time. Appropriate application of color to clothing will contribute to highlighting the detail and catching people’s eye.

More than a Fastening Device – New Function of Zipper

August 8, 2018 SBSZIPPER 0

With over 30 years’ development, SBS has grown into a professional zipper manufacturer with powerful research and development strength in zipper industry. SBS is always contributing to connecting zipper products with fashion, ceaselessly putting forward the latest zipper designs to catch up with the changeable trends.

SBS Releases 2019 A/W Zipper Fashion Trend Report

August 3, 2018 SBSZIPPER 0

Not only is SBS zipper a professional zipper manufacturer, but it takes a leading position in zipper design. SBS understands that zipper is more than a fastening device. As a tiny item, zipper also plays as a chic decoration to add fashion statement to clothing.

How to Correctly Choose Clothing Zippers

July 27, 2018 SBSZIPPER 0

As we know, zippers play an important role in clothing accessory. There are various types of zipper available in the market depending on different materials and manufacturing methods. Therefore, it may be confusing to choose correct zippers for clothing.

Pantone Autumn/Winter 2019/20 Color Palette – Gray

July 22, 2018 SBSZIPPER 0

Almost everyone in the fashion industry is familiar with Pantone. Pantone is a popular color matching system which makes it easier for manufacturers to cross-reference, standardize, and match colors, even if they aren’t in direct contact with each other. Aside from fashion, this system has also seen wide use in other industries like print, graphic design, and publishing.

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