Zip Up Your Cheeks! The Unexpected Denim Trend!

April 20, 2017 0

Image Credit:|vetements_official Zippers on jeans are making a huge comeback in the fashion industry but not exactly in the way that you’d expect. French fashion brand Vetements has paired with Levis to create an extremely bold jean that exposes just a little too much. Believe it or not, this denim trend features a zipper on the behind that exposes none other than a person’s butt cheeks. These jeans also feature two zippers that run the length of each leg, coupled with frayed ends and asymmetric hems. However, this denim trend retails for a whopping $1,870 and can only be [Continue Reading]

Eco-friendly Zippers: A List of Environmental Standards

April 20, 2017 0

Inappropriate use of hazardous substances and inadequate treatment or disposal of the waste pose risks and hazards to the environment and human health. It is imperative that importers, manufacturers, distributors and any other parties involved should be fully aware of the potential risks and hazards, and strictly adhere to the enacted standards and applicable regulations in practice to ensure the highest level of safety in harmony with nature. Below is a short list of those common environmental standards that are applicable to the zipper manufacturing industry.  This list may not be exhaustive. Additionally, there are also some special environmental standards [Continue Reading]

How Are Those Tiny Zippers Manufactured-A Closer Look

April 15, 2017 0

Zippers have become some of the most important and commonly used devices in the garment industry. From purses and jackets to different kinds of shoes and boots, they have become essential for a wide range of purposes, allowing you to quickly and safely fasten a garment or accessory. There exist many different kinds of zippers depending on the materials used and the desired purposes. Here is a look at the development of the zippers throughout history as well as how the manufacturing process of zippers functions. Background The zipper was invented in the 19th century as an alternative to buttoning [Continue Reading]

SBS Zipper Establishes A Partnership With The Bluesign® System

April 15, 2017 0

Our commitment to eco-friendly and sustainable production was reaffirmed last month when we were awarded the prestigious Bluesign Certification. Bluesign offers one of the most important standards in textile manufacturing, demonstrating a company’s commitment to safe and environmentally-friendly production and helping point consumers to quality eco-friendly textile products. We are very proud to be the only zipper manufacturer in China whose entire production lines have been certified to date. The Bluesign certification further affirms our position as a leading zipper producer worldwide. Sustainability is a part of our company’s aims towards growing into a century-old brand. We are thoroughly committed [Continue Reading]

Application Of The Salt Spray Test In The Zipper Manufacturing Industry

April 7, 2017 0

Introduction of the Salt Spray (Fog) Test The Salt Spray (or Salt Fog) Test is a test that is commonly used for checking the corrosion resistance of specific materials and their coatings. This type of corrosion testing is very popular as it is quick, comparatively inexpensive to other tests and standardized. In particular, the materials that are generally tested are metallic, ceramic, stone or materials that have been coated with a layer of corrosion protection. The Salt Spray Test is an integral part of the quality control of many industries where metal parts are used in the manufacturing process. The [Continue Reading]

Usage Of Electrophoresis In The Zipper Industry

April 6, 2017 0

Brief Introduction of the Electrophoresis Technique Electrophoresis is a technique that employs high voltage electric currents for the purpose of separating charged molecules. More specifically, during this process suspended particles travel through a fluid in response to electric stimuli. Electrophoresis enables scientists to analyze antibiotic resistance, synthesize new types of medicine and even conduct certain types of forensic analyses. Application of Electrophoresis in the Zipper Industry In a range of manufacturing industries, a process called electrophoretic deposition is used to apply coatings to metal products. This allows the application of certain materials like pigments and dyes on metal surfaces that [Continue Reading]

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