How The London Fashion Week Beautifully Blurred Gender Lines

September 22, 2016 SBSZIPPER 0

Fashion is one of those aspects of our lives that is always changing and always finding new ways to surprise us. Recently, unisex dressing has taken the industry by storm with everyone from celebrities like Cara Delavigne to noted fashion designers like Alexander Wang endorsing the trend. This blurring of gender lines is not just a celeb thing. Ordinary people are embracing it with just as much enthusiasm. BBC News website did a special feature where people attending the London Fashion Week gave their take on unisex dressing. They found out that a lot of people are into the idea [Continue Reading]

Noti-Fly-The World’s First Smart Zipper That’ll Save You From Future Embarrassment

September 18, 2016 SBSZIPPER 0

“Your fly is down.” Those four words are something that most people dread to hear when they’re out in public. Imagine walking around in your office with your opened fly exposing your undies for all the world to see. It’s embarassing, yes, but it happens to the best of us. Thankfully Noti-fly is here to save the day! This hilariously named device is the brainchild of the guys at the Chaotic R&D Studio. Deemed as “Your Personal Pervert Alert(TM),” it does one and only one thing- notify you via Bluetooth notification when your fly is down. Using a system made [Continue Reading]

New York Fashion Week Trends To Look Out For In Future

September 18, 2016 SBSZIPPER 0

This New York fashion week got fashion editors, judges and models swept off by spirited rounds of beauty ideas guaranteed to ruffle things up: romantic hair accessories, lips bright enough to serve as impromptu traffic lights, weird eye glosses- not to mention the fledgling celebrity faces and wave of front row first timers.” Now that the street peacocks have cleared out, designers retired back to their ateliers, with the presentations, festivities and shows finally left behind us, it is high time to¬† reflect on what we saw. Here are the four biggest trends we could pull out of the New [Continue Reading]

Rise Of The Bomber Jacket- Top Fashion Trends For Fall/Winter 2016

September 10, 2016 SBSZIPPER 0

One of the most interesting things about fashion is the fact that something that was plain and boring yesterday can in a flash become the new trend everyone is raving about. Take the bomber jacket as an example. This item of clothing can be traced back to the mid twentieth century. Also known as the flight jacket or the M-1 jacket, they were designed to keep pilots flying the open cockpit planes warm while up in the air. This is the reason for the existence of the snug collars, cuffs and waists which define the jacket. The style has evolved [Continue Reading]

Exposed Zipper Outfits To Be Incorporated Into Your Wardrobe

September 8, 2016 SBSZIPPER 0

If there is one fashion detail that is making headlines everywhere, it is the exposed zippers. From Hollywood’s glam girls to camera’s favorite models, almost every fashionista has already been seen wearing this trend. What is it about exposed zippers that make them such a hit? The answer is simple — visible zippers give any outfit an edgy look and feel. They make even the most boring outfits interesting. Whether it is a little black dress, pair of regular denims or a gored or pencil skirt, almost ever outfit can be made chic and glamorous by the addition of zippers. [Continue Reading]

Top 3 Fashion Trends In 2016 According To Google Users

September 8, 2016 SBSZIPPER 0

Fashion is without a doubt one of the most dynamic aspects of modern civilization. It is ever changing with new styles coming up every other day and old ones receiving exciting twists for appreciation on mainstream consumer markets. There are hits and misses all over, and only the best in style and design make it to the top. 2016 in particular has been a year of fashion revolution with all sorts of trends popping up from the sneaker culture to the crop-top craze. The ever increasing popularity of online shopping platforms makes it easy to monitor these trends and it [Continue Reading]

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