A Guide To Classify Metal Zipper Teeth

November 24, 2017 SBSZIPPER 0

Metal zippers, usually made from aluminum, zinc alloy, brass, etc., are preferred for pants, jackets, leather shoes and bags on account of their high cost. There are different types of metal zipper teeth based on the materials and manufacturing processes. Generally speaking, metal zipper teeth can be classified into Normal Teeth, Y-cut Teeth, Die-casting Zipper L Teeth/A Teeth, Corn Teeth and Swiss Teeth.

How To Use A Two Way Separating Zipper

November 18, 2017 SBSZIPPER 0

What Is The Application Of A Two Way Separating Zipper? Two way separating zippers can come completely apart and could be unzipped from both the top and bottom ends. They are commonly seen on the long jackets, ski jackets, long coats, vests, fleeces, parkas, sportswear, outdoor wear, hammock covers, sleeping bags and many other applications.

3 Reasons Why You Should AVOID Aluminum Zips & Helpful Tips

November 18, 2017 SBSZIPPER 0

Metal teeth zips can be manufactured from brass, nickel, aluminum, etc., which come in a wide assortment of finishes. However, aluminum zips are not recommended due to their special characteristics, regardless of their competitive price when compared with their counterparts. Below are the top 3 reasons why you should avoid using aluminum zips. We will also share some helpful tips in case you would like to opt for these zips to minimize the chances of undesirable effects. 

India’s GST Council Urged To Lower Zipper Tax Rates

November 13, 2017 SBSZIPPER 0

Zippers are an indispensable part of the textiles and apparel industry. Without zippers, items like luggage, jackets, boots, jeans and other objects that need fastening would cease to exist. Despite this, India severely lags behind when it comes to supporting their zipper industry. Currently, the tax rate for zippers and zipper parts is pegged at 18%, which is definitely a whole lot more than the 5 to 12% rate for other textile items. As of this writing, around twenty-five businesses in the zipper industry have closed down due to the relatively high tax rate.

The 15 Best Denim Looks At Mercedes Benz China Fashion Week SS 18

November 10, 2017 SBSZIPPER 0

Mercedes Benz China Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2018 kicked off on October 29th and ended on November 7th. It is time to commemorate our favorite looks from the memorable runway shows and stand-out moments, which always provide a glimpse into how things will trend in the fashion world. Undoubtedly, one of the inescapable talking points of the week-long event is the spotlighted denim collections by Yang Shan and Chen Wen. Both fashion designers took Beijing by storm with their creative use of denim fabrics and stunning designs. Our editors have done the homework for you. Please scroll down to check out the 15 [Continue Reading]

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