What’s The Difference Between Right & Left-Sided Insertion Pins?

May 31, 2017 sbs-zipper.com 0

Brief Introduction of Right & Left Insertion Pins All zippers typically consist of a bottom stop, slider and zipper teeth. However, depending on the zipper type and the preference of the manufacturer, certain separating zippers contain insertion pins on the right side while others have pins on the left. The side that the pin is located on determines whether the user inserts the pin into the retainer box on the left and moves the zipper pull on the right or the other way around. While some customers believe that this difference is related to whether the garment is made for [Continue Reading]

5 Things That Will Ruin Footwear Zippers

May 30, 2017 sbs-zipper.com 0

If they have been manufactured well and placed in the correct position, footwear zippers can be extremely resilient and sturdy. However, there are certain things can ruin footwear zippers, causing major problems for the wearer. Here is a look at some of the things that should be avoided so that the zipper is able to last as long as possible. 1. Dirt or sand getting caught in the zipper teeth Depending on where the wearer lives and uses the footwear the most, dirt or sand can get caught in the zipper and cause it to malfunction. Proper maintenance involves regularly [Continue Reading]

A Guide to Choosing Sleeping Bag Zippers

May 26, 2017 sbs-zipper.com 0

Zippers that are intended for sleeping bags are some of the most durable, versatile and adaptable kinds of zippers. Their sheer length and the need to adapt to a variety of uses and environments requires that sleeping bag zippers be of a particularly high quality and adapted to a range of weather conditions. If you are looking for the perfect zippers for your sleeping bags, here is an overview of some the most important features that you should look out for. Types of Zippers Applicable If the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a sleeping bag [Continue Reading]

Sleeping Bag Zipper–The Design Story

May 26, 2017 sbs-zipper.com 0

Sleeping bags are a useful and versatile bedding option for people who enjoy spending the night camping. A sleeping bag not only provides the necessary warmth and coziness for a night spent in the outdoors, but it can also provide protection against the elements. One of the most important parts of a sleeping bag is its zipper — a good zipper keeps a sleeping bag warm and waterproof, while a bad one admits water and usually fails to provide the necessary insulation for a cold evening outdoors. Here is a look at some of the most important sleeping bag zipper [Continue Reading]

How to Care for Drysuit Zippers [Cleaning & Storing]

May 20, 2017 sbs-zipper.com 0

The zipper is the most sensitive part of a drysuit and, as such, it requires some care after use. With proper maintenance, drysuit zippers can last a very long time. Take a look at some of the steps that can be taken to keep the drysuit zippers clean and operating smoothly. Cleaning the Drysuit After each use, the suit needs a good cleaning to make sure that salt and other contaminants get washed out of the zipper. It’s important to wash off the entire drysuit — both inside and out and make sure that any sand or dirt that has [Continue Reading]

How To Measure The Zipper Gauge Correctly?

May 20, 2017 sbs-zipper.com 0

Zipper gauge refers to the width of the zipper teeth. It is measured in either millimeters or inches. The wider the teeth width, the stronger the cross-wise chain strength. The larger the zipper gauge, the studier the zipper and the heavier or thicker the fabric it could be sewn onto, regardless of the type it is categorized into. It is pretty easy to measure the zipper gauge. Place the zipper you would like to measure on a horizontal surface. Zip it up completely and measure the teeth width from left to right with the help of a ruler or a [Continue Reading]

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