See The Diversity of Pink

April 6, 2022 SBSZIPPER 0

Pink is a color that usually merges red and white together to form a lovely and romantic tone. It is emblematic of a cute, sweet and girlish profile. From the point of view of chromatology, pink is an unsaturated bright red. It is rare in nature while walking in our life that creates an emotional connection to all of us by some form of manmade input. Over the history, pink is imbued with innocence and naturally adorable femininity. Now pink is very modern and diverse.

SBS 2023 Spring and Summer Zipper Fashion Trend

April 2, 2022 SBSZIPPER 0

SBS zipper fashion isn’t hardwired to perceive. We have devoted in this industry for decedes. We believe that the coutinous efforts on developing zipper fashion will push the forwarded step of zipper industry. Every year we will launch the exclusive zipper fashion trend twice for different seasons. Now Zipper fashion trend for 2023 Spring and Summer season comes down to 8 topic trends as below. Now let’s dig in and see what are they.

New Products Introduction-SBS Magnetized Plastic Zipper

March 5, 2022 SBSZIPPER 0

It comes at last. As introduced before, the magnetized zipper has involved into some clothing brand. SBS as the largest zipper manufacturer in China, we have been devoted in zipper innovation and exploration more than 30 years. We pay attention to the dynamic in people’s needs and won’t miss the chance to transform zipper to give a surprise for world. Here We are-The SBS magnetized plastic zipper.

New Products Introduction – SBS Frequency Chip Puller Series

March 1, 2022 SBSZIPPER 0

SBS introduces a new concept for zipper puller series. The new puller series is about frequency chip, which releases biological frequency in our environment. SBS try to impress on people the importance of invisible biological frequency. Although it is invisible, frequency is for real and react to our body, emotion, psyche and spirit.

Perfect Cozy Overalls Fashion for Spring 2022

February 22, 2022 SBSZIPPER 0

Overalls are back in trend for 2022. Hence, there are the latest styles just like how everything is innovated. This staple is always a dynamic fashion piece that gives a comfortable and cozy comfort. With stylish and modern design overalls, you can get cool and trendy hipster looks, glamorous bohemian attire, and classic retro-inspired get up to achieve a head-turning look. Here are 10 tips to get a stylish and captivating attire with overalls. Scrolling down to check it out!

Tiger Smelling Fashion Item in 2022

February 19, 2022 SBSZIPPER 0

2022 welcome the Year of the Tiger in the Lunar Chinese New Year. With the growing influence of China, Chinese New Year stays more and more important position in global culture development and make some difference to the fashion industries. Major fashion brands have specially designed the newest confection and couture collection for New year which are full of tiger in flavor. Let’s dive in.

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