More than a Fastening Device – New Function of Zipper

With over 30 years’ development, SBS has grown into a professional zipper manufacturer with powerful research and development strength in zipper industry. SBS is always contributing to connecting zipper products with fashion, ceaselessly putting forward the latest zipper designs to catch up with the changeable trends.

Recently, SBS has released 2019 A/W Zipper Fashion Trend Report, showing us a few novel designs of zipper products. Zipper, more than a simple fastening device, has unlimited possibilities.

Replaceable Braid
The top fly is designed into two pieces of metal buckle with braid in the middle clip, which can be replaced with straps having different length and width to adapt to the current fashion style, so that the puller is more flexible and humanized.

New Function of Zipper 2

Adjustable Zipper with Shrimp Buckle
The pocket adopts adjustable tri-glide buckle. The length of the tape can be properly stretched or shortened according to the environment. Besides, the shrimp buckle of the tape tail can be buckled with the loop belt of the garment to prevent sloshing and thief.

New Function of Zipper 3

Droplet Teeth
The new water droplet shape of zipper teeth is round and smooth and the surface coating adopts the new nano-film technology, having strong metallic color and texture, tensile, abrasion resistance and color fastness.

New Function of Zipper 4

Anti-sloshing Zipper
The components can fix the puller of pockets, protecting them from sloshing and thief. Meanwhile, the components of puller can be replaced to present different styles.

New Function of Zipper 5

Hanging Card
Functional clothing are a popular choice at present. The variety of zipper modeling and the richness of zipper design and application make zipper become an indispensable element of functional clothing.New Function of Zipper 6

Positioning Zipper
Portable positioning puller is a puller with positioning function. As long as it is bound to the mobile phone, mobile phone can easily get the location information of wearers, ensuring the security.New Function of Zipper 7

Anti-mosquito Zipper
Anti-mosquito puller can prevent mosquito’s biting by exuding the fragrance extracted from essential oil.New Function of Zipper 8

New Shape of Puller
The improvement of puller shape prevents zipper from stuck problem, air leak, water leak and so on, becoming a new combination of zipper.New Function of Zipper 1

Clamping Note
Luggage puller is no longer a simple decorative item because more functions are developed. For instance, puller with a clamp can clamp notes when going out, convenient and practical.New Function of Zipper 9

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