Morandi Colors: The Most Comfortable Color

morandi colors 1
image source: Aliexpress

All of us have seen countless colorful colors, however, how much do you know about colors? Is there one color that can give you a peaceful, elegant and pure feeling? Yes, the answer is Morandi colors, a group of soothing and peaceful color.

Morandi colors refer to a muted and pale color palette, which is not bright as if covered with a layer of gray tone. Morandi colors has rich connotation without a tendency to show off, releasing the soothing elegance. In this palette hue, everything is not flamboyant and quietly shimmers the simplest charm and the direct inner happiness and tranquility, so that the visual sense can achieve a perfect balance.

Morandi colors are derived from the paintings of Giorgio Morandi, a famous Italian printmaker and oil painter. In his paintings, the subjects are simple objects that could be easily seen in our kitchen, such as cups, plates, bottles, boxes and so on. However, these everyday objects present a distinguished senior feeling through different brushes and color combinations. He abandons the personality of flamboyant color, infiltrates gray and white tones in each color and transforms the original rich and gorgeous colors into muted tones with elegant and advanced gray texture.  These muted colors are gentle and cold, but such a tone of the opposite bright line makes the whole painting full of mystery, giving people elegance, novelty, sincerity and comfort.

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Morandi colors are also known as “advanced gray”, but they have not only one or several colors. They are based on gray but you can add whatever colors you like. This marvelously blend reduces the color saturation and give color a peaceful and pastel ethos. Morandi colors have a kind of indifferent and alienated tone, making the space downy, natural, gentle and elegant and showing the beauty of static harmony. Hence, Morandi colors are well-known as the most comfortable color.

Such a beautiful and advanced color it is! The fashion world will not let it go. It can be seen on all major runway shows, and it is widely used in clothes, cosmetics and even home decoration. As a leader in clothing accessories, SBS zipper also follows the pace of fashion. We are committed to providing customers with various kinds of colorful zippers, welcome customers to inquire.

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