Metal Zipper Vs. Coil Zipper: Which One Is Better For Footwear


With the increasingly rising awareness of fashion, zippers have grown into indispensable accessories in the footwear industry. In this post, we would like to share the two main types of zippers that are extensively utilized in the footwear industry, namely, Metal Zipper and Coil Zipper, which can be easily distinguished from each other based on the teeth material.

Metal zippers which can give the shoes a calm, elegant and decent look are preferably recommended for those applications that require decorative effects. There are a great many options available in terms of the finishes and styles for metal zippers, making them more appealing and distinctive. Well-known fashion weeks and street styles throughout these years have all witnessed the extensive application of those decorative metal zippers to the shoe collections that help to make a head-turning fashion statement.

Coil zippers which are impressively lightweight and durable due to the fabrication material are exceptionally suitable for practical designs, ranging from the turning and curving openings to those applications that are subjected to demanding horizontal strength. Additionally, coil zippers also feature self-heal property, whose irregularly positioned or misaligned zipper teeth can return to their normal state perfectly, simply with the slider pulled up and down.

SBS Zipper has developed a series of zippers dedicated to the footwear industry, including metal zippers and coil zippers currently. Customizations service is also available. Feel free to download SBS Shoe Zipper Fashion Trend Catalogue to learn more.

Please consult with our salespersons should you need any further assistance before placing an order.

SBS-Shoe Zipper Fashion Trend Catalogue

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