Make Your Shirt More Elegant with Charming Shell Buttons


Brief History
Shell buttons boast an expansive history dating way back before 1950 when they were manufactured in Muscatine, Iowa, United States. Back then, Muscatine was referred to as the World’s Capital of Pearl Button as it was home to a whopping number of shell button factories. By 21st Century, China overtook the United States and became the center of shell buttons industry.

Application of Shell Buttons
There’s no question that shell buttons are one of the most popular button styles in the world and for a good reason. First up, these buttons feature the luminosity and radiance of natural seashells which together bring out a natural breath-taking beauty. Secondly, shell buttons are made from natural material green to the environment, non-toxic, and exclusively stylish.

High-end dress shirt manufacturers are increasingly using shell buttons instead of the plastic resin buttons.

Types of Shell Buttons
Shell buttons are available in a vast range of type, quality, size, and shape. We provide a wide variety of shell buttons, which include but are not limited to:

  • Abalone Shell Buttons
  • Agoya Shell Buttons
  • Mother-of-Pearl (MOP) Buttons
  • River Shell Buttons
  • Trocas Shell Buttons

MOP buttons are more attractive and elegant compared to the other types of shell buttons thanks to their unparalleled feel and luster. Mother of pearl, also known as nacre, comes in different kinds of natural colors, but is always bleached and beautifully dyed for decorative uses. We will learn more about the MOP buttons below.

About MOP Buttons
MOP buttons are a kind of shell buttons that are made from an inorganic-organic composite material produced as an inner shell layer by a specific kind of mollusks. Abalone and pearl oysters also give the mother of pearl appearance from their shells.

MOP buttons are extremely resilient and very strong. These buttons have been used in tailored, high-quality shirt dresses for centuries. They provide that extra elegant touch you always look for in high-quality shirts and their semi-brilliant surface blends with a fade white tint bringing out an incredibly beautiful look on your shirts.

Types of MOP Buttons
There are delightful varieties and sizes of MOP buttons, with the larger ones coming at a slightly higher price tag because they are more fragile and harder to obtain than the smaller ones. Generally speaking, MOP buttons can be classified into:

  • Brown MOP buttons
  • Black MOP Buttons
  • White MOP Buttons 

Pros and Cons of MOP Buttons
Please take a look at the pros and cons of MOP buttons below before making a purchase.

• Made from finely crafted premium quality product
• Seen as a timeless addition to shirt dresses thanks to their durability
• Uniquely beautiful
• Incredibly strong and dense
• Able to define your class due to their exclusiveness

• Higher price tag
• Fragile when exposed to excessive physical pressure

Even though the price of the MOP buttons may look slightly higher to some, the years of service and the charming look these premium buttons offer are worth it. Plastic resin buttons may dissolve in water after several washes as opposed to MOP buttons that retain their gorgeous look for decades. As a shirt manufacturer, you may opt for MOP buttons to improve the overall look of your shirts and make them shine like never before.

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