Make Jeans More Chic with Zippers

Make Jeans More Chic with Zippers
Image Credit: dollskill

Ever since invented in 1871, jeans have become one of the greatest fashion items because of its versatility and stability. Jeans vary in fit, color, cut and so on. Nevertheless, metal zippers are usually used on jeans as fastener device. With the increasing need for fashion, zippers have made adjustment to make jeans more catchy.

Zippers are cool and are an important part to offer aesthetic and functionality. Here are 3 amazing zipper designs for jeans.

1.Either Way Zip Jeans
As the name suggests, either way zip jeans are changeable because you can decide how to wear them depending on weather or occasion. When zippers are zipped, they are a long jeans with shiny zipper details. However, you can also wear them as shorts by unfastening these zippers.

Either Way Zip Jeans
Image Credit: dollskill

2.Long Zipped Jeans
These jeans have extremely long zipper details on the side or at the front, which can not only have a skinny fit, but also provide a loose style based on your like. The extra-long zippers add a chic statement to the classic jeans design and offer you freedom to use legs.

Long Zipped Jeans
Image Credit: dollskill

3.Exposed Zipper Fly Jeans
Usually, zipper fly designs are hidden to avoid embarrassment. However, exposed zippers trend comes into being unexpectedly, stealing people’s sight. The zippers make the jeans more chic and draws focus to the pockets details and the waist.

Exposed Zipper Fly Jeans
Image Credit: dollskill
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