Maintaining Painted Zipper Sliders: How To Prevent Paint Chip-Off

painted sliders

Zippers can come in many different colors, making them a preferable choice to add colors in many fashion items. Typically, the color is added by giving the zipper surface a finish with many different methods. Generally, the more complicated the method is, the more durable the finish will be.

Paint chip-off is a common issue with painted sliders. Normally, painted chip-off can be found at the edge of the sliders or on the protruded part.

How can we maintain the longevity of our painted zipper sliders? Here are a few tips.

1.Avoid Physical Damage of All Kinds
Physical strikes are the biggest enemy of painted sliders. Because the paint is simply a layer of coating, it has limited durability against physical damage. So we should avoid any direct striking, wearing it against a hard object, scratching, and similar practices.

However, sometimes it is unavoidable during common practice, especially with bags and luggage. With worn items such as clothing, a direct impact is generally avoided, because the zipper is close to our body. However, with bags and luggage, we tend to be less careful.

2.Always Hand Wash when Applicable
Painted sliders can generally withstand machine washing and dry cleaning processes without many issues. However, the paint might chip off when the slider hits a tumbler during the cleaning processes. The issue is not the machine wash or dry cleaning processes themselves, but the tumbler. Make sure to zip up the zipper completely before washing and wrap up the slider to provide additional protection. Generally for items with painted sliders, hand wash is the preferable method.

3.Avoid Direct Contact with the Iron
When the iron comes into direct contact with the painted slider, it will cause paint chip-off. You may cover the zipper with a sheet of paper/cloth to avoid direct ironing. This is actually applicable to both painted sliders and electroplated sliders.

If the paint chip-off issue is major, you might opt for electroplated zippers instead, which are typically more durable. However, some plating choices might also be vulnerable to abrasion and chip-off issue. Please double check with us.

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