Know Different Types of Women Dress Collars

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Fashion is an art form where one can express themselves through their clothing, and to create authentic masterpieces you need to know all the basics and how to best put them together to create something beautiful. Of course, this doesn’t only include bigger pieces such as dresses, pants, shirts or coats. It also includes the little details that make this clothing unique, such as cuts, patterns, materials… and even collars.

Collars are another of those details that don’t draw too much attention on their own but that, put together along with all the other details, create a truly unique piece of clothing; and there are some rules to wearing them properly that you must know if you want to create stunning outfits! So, to help you a little bit we are giving you a small list with the most popular types of women dress collars and how to wear them:

Shawl collar: This type of round collar goes with a v neckline, and runs from shoulder to shoulder to create lapels. It is an elegant, formal type of collar most often seen in jackets and formal dresses. This timeless piece is so elegant that it can be worn with almost anything: necklaces, earrings big or small… with it you can never go wrong.

Shawl collar
image source:–Meghan Markle wearing a shawl collar dress

-Mandarin collar: Inspired on Mongol and Manchu garments this collar small, unfolded and standing, with a little opening in the front. Since it is rather elegant and ladylike on its own, necklaces are not often worn with it.

Mandarin collar
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Peter pan collar: This timeless style is incredibly popular in our current fashion all over the world. Flat, big and curved around your neckline, it gives the air of having a long neck and small shoulders. This collar is popular in blouses and shirts, and it is not often worn with necklaces as it is charming and eye-catching on its own.

Peter pan collar
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-Jabot collar: Inspired on the style of the 19th Century French monarchs, this exaggerated and showy collar has pleats, lace or ruffles down the front and it is often adorned with a brooch.

Jabot collar
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-Puritan collar: This big collar lies flat against your shoulders and is often big enough to extend to them. It is most often seen in blouses and old-style dresses, and can be worn with small necklaces.

Puritan collar
image source:–Princess Diana wearing a Puritan collar dress

Some collars are most often seen in formal, business environment shirts such as the classic collar, the spread collar, the notched and the round. Most of the time, these collars will be on a formal, dressy shirt and they are meant to be worn with a suit.

In short, different types of collars enrich the garment look and make upper body of garments more stylish.

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