Invisible Zipper in New-style Cheongsam

image source: hercity

The original Cheongsam is from the Manchu flag, but the modern cheongsam appeared due to the continuous collision of Chinese and Western cultures in the early Republic of China. The traditional Cheongsam is made with complicated workmanship, stereotypical style and cumbersome dressing process, so women only choose Cheongsam on formal occasions. Due to these limits, its utilization was low before.

However, Cheongsam has established its unique value spirit and ancient charm with its artistic Chinese pattern, softly well-cut at design, subtly application on color and handmade process, which has been inspirational for designers at home and abroad and been applied in fashion design.

From the combination of Chinese and Western culture, to the innovation and improvement, now, Cheongsam, in the eyes of ours, has been totally different from that at several decades ago. We can see different length of Qipao, various exquisite pattern on fabrics, different shapes of ruffle, high or low collar and so on. One of the seemingly imperceptible changes is the invisible zipper on the back.

See the picture below.

Invisible Zipper in New-style Cheongsam

Invisible Zipper in New-style Cheongsam
image source: internet

Using invisible zipper on the back and matching with relaxed cutting, the new-style Cheongsam is more suitable for kids and shows kids’ loveliness.

Cheongsam knot button has two functions, one can be used as a fastener, and the other is a trimming. As a trimming, it is a symbol of Chinese elements; but as a fastener, it is troublesome to use. In the fast pace of modern society, fasten a string of button will take much longer time than zipping a zipper. Therefore, using an invisible zipper on the back is more convenient. Meanwhile, adapting zipper design can fit the body more, showing the curve beauty of women.

Obviously, the improved cheongsam better inherits the traditional culture and integrates the modern element of zipper, which makes itself more acceptable for people and wins more consumers’ preference to rise a retro trend. Invisible zipper has been popularized used on the Chinese dress.

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