How to Prevent Zip Teeth From Mis-engaging At The Tent Corner

tent corner
Image Source: Pixabay

Due to the characteristics of tents, special care should be taken when selecting and sewing tent zips. Please follow the tips below to minimize the chances of teeth mis-engagement at the tent corner.

1.Source chains and sliders from the same zip supplier
The specifications of zips vary from one supplier to another, and mismatching between the zip chain and slider could result in element mis-engagement at the corner of the tent.

It is highly recommended to source the chains and sliders from the same zip manufacturer to ensure that they can accommodate each other in a perfect way. If you would like to source differently, please take care both the chain specifications like single side teeth width, double side teeth width and double side teeth thickness when the zip is completely closed, and the slider specifications like the mouth height, mouth width and tape gap should all be in conformity with the industry standard speculated.

You may take a quick look at the standard specifications specified for 5# nylon zip chain and slider respectively.

Zip Chain SpecificationSingle Side
Teeth Width(MM)
Double Side
Teeth Width(MM)
Double Side
Teeth Thickness(MM)

Zip Slider SpecificationMouth Height(MM)Mouth Width(MM)Tape Gap(MM)

2.Choose zips in larger sizes
The special properties of tents also require better physical performance of tent zips in comparison with their counterparts in the garment industry, including the slider puller pull-off strength, slider mouth deflection strength, resistance to twist of puller and slider, chain crosswise strength and the resistance to reciprocation.

Generally speaking, 5#/7#/8#/10# nylon zip can be used for tents. However, it is advisable to opt for larger zip sizes like 7# and 8# to accommodate the special characteristics of the sewing technique. Larger zip size will ensure greater tension & strength, and ensure higher safety in use.

3.Ensure the alignment of the seam line on the zip tape
Great difference in the location of the seam lines on both sides of the tape, and misalignment of the seam line on the same side of the tape when the zip is sewn onto the tent will result in uneven tension applied to the left and right sides of the zip, causing sliding resistance for the slider. When there is excessive resistance along the sliding track of the slider, closing the zip quickly by force would lead to the pressing and deformation of the teeth elements within the inner cavity of the slider, causing the teeth elements to mis-engage.

misalignment of the seam line on the tape and C-shaped corner

Ensure the location of the seam lines aligns on both sides of the tape. Additionally, make sure the seam line aligns on the same side of the tape while sewing the zip.

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