How to Make a Pretty Zipper Flower?

How to make a pretty zipper flower

What would you do with your old clothing? You can donate it to those in need or transform it to a new object. However, how to deal with the worn-out coat? Throw it away? It may not conform to the conception of low carbon and environmental protection. Actually, zippers from these worn-out clothing are practical handmade materials. It is a pleasing thing to see zippers become a charming accessory.

How to do it? Here’s a brilliant idea. Transform these waste zippers to flowers and then you can apply them to a headband, a purse, a wall, a brooch, a picture, a hair clip, etc. Now, let’s begin the amazing project.

What you need to prepare

  • Long nylon zipper in color you like
  • Scissor
  • Glue or needle and thread


  1. Cut off the two ends of the zipper by a scissor and separate the zipper into two sides.
  2. Roll up the single zipper chain as below picture. Create a pattern like character 8, and make more 8-type patterns continuously. Fix them. Now, you have made the outer petals.How to make a pretty zipper flower step 2
  3. Use another side of zipper chain to repeat Step 2 to make the inner petals. Also note that the inner layer is smaller than the outer one. Combine two layers.How to make a pretty zipper flower 4
  4. Finally, fold the rest tape into a point to form the flower heart. Fix it by glue or thread.How to make a pretty zipper flower

Unbelievable! Now you have create a pretty flower after a few simple steps. If you like, you can add more layers or use more colors to make a complex work. Have a try!

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