How to Attach Pullers to Sliders

How to Attach Pullers to Sliders

Nowadays, zipper puller, a part attached to slider to move slider up or down easily, is more than a functional item. It also serves as a chic decoration of clothing because it can be customized in color, size, logo, shape, letter, material and so on depending on customer’s request.

For various pullers, it is necessary to adopt the suitable way to assembly them correctly. There are 3 different methods to attach them to sliders.

Manual assembly
Manual assembly is suitable for electroplated pullers, mixed colorful pullers, plastic pullers, string pullers and unusual pullers which need be connected with screws or rivets.

Semi-automatic assembly
There are two kinds of semi-automatic assembly including hang pullers on the equipment and pushing pullers into the special track.

The former is generally used to assemble irregular craft pullers such as large circle pullers, arch pullers, short but wide pullers, pullers with large thickness difference from the head to the end, etc.

The later is used to attach pullers which have two similar but different sides. Operators should pay attention to recognize the front and back side or the right and left side of pullers, then push them into the track of the equipment to ensure the correct assembly.

Automatic assembly
For regular pullers and craft pullers that have no need to distinguish their sides particularly, automatic assembly is an simple and efficient method, saving time and cost.

Qualification rate
Automatic assembly is up to the 100% qualification rate due to the automatic sort, recognition, and assembly. However, there exists possibility of wrong operations in other two methods including manual assembly and semi-automatic assembly because of the subjective sensory recognition of workers, resulting in the qualification rate ranging from 97% to 99%.

Delivery time
The delivery time of manual and semi-automatic assembly is much longer than the time of automatic assembly due to special pullers, complex process and the speed limitation of workers.

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