How does SBS Focus on Environment Protection

With the development of society, the awareness of environment protection and the pursuit of ecological quality of life has increased greatly. Hence, there are higher eco-friendly requirements for industry and products.

As a professional zipper manufacturer for over 32 years, SBS Zipper are fully informed of the importance of environmental protection. Not only does SBS establish a green factory to reduce the waste and damage during manufacturing process, but it is devoted to the research and development of recycled zippers.

Green factory
A number of chemical processes inevitably involved in the production of zippers, improper disposal of the waste will pose hazards to the environment and human.

SBS Zipper has built a green factory in accordance with many a international environmental standards for zipper industry. In addition, SBS has passed the certification of Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Bluesign® System, etc, established the waste water treatment center to enable the recycling of about 60% of the reclaimed water, and adopted the supercritical carbon dioxide (scCO2) dyeing technology to reduce the cost and waste.

Recycled zipper
Recently, SBS zipper has successfully produced a recycled zipper whose tape is made from recycled polyester. The process includes recycling post-consumer polyester products, smash, pelletization, recycled yarn, and final recycled zipper.Eco-friendly zipper

SBS Zipper is always making attempts contribute to environment protection and providing eco-friendly products to satisfy customer’s demand. If you have higher environment protection need for zippers, please double check with our salesman before placing orders.

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