Highlights of London Fashion Week Men’s 2019

London Fashion Week Men's 2019 trends
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The 12th London fashion week has come and gone and now we know what the world’s fashionable men will be wearing next spring and summer. Judging from what we saw on the runway, it is going to be an interesting season indeed.

There was a lot of sci-fi meets retro looks with a lot of deconstructed styles that shows how the new faces in fashion are redefining what menswear should be. A couple of trends came out strong this year.

Escaping reality
This season designers were reminded what 1999 was like with Matrix-inspired floor-grazing trench coats, patent leather combat boots and 90’s style sunglasses. These were all-black-patent leather and high-neck cuts. 2019 Spring/summer might turn out to be that year we all take the blue pill or was it the other one?

Highlights of London Fashion Week Men's 2019 1
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The great outdoors
Outdoor wear was given a new twist at the show. There was a cross between escapist, futuristic, part woodman part apocalyptic survivalist theme that came through. Wood Wood’s show had chest rigs and multi-pocket tool belts worn over sun bleached cagoules, smart tailored tracksuit bottoms and khakis. This was also seen at the Matthew Miller show where models strutted fluorescent yellow outerwear with chest and tool boxes that looked like suitcases – and bucket hats.

Highlights of London Fashion Week Men's 2019 2
Image Credit: firstVIEW

Image Credit: firstVIEW

Highlights of London Fashion Week Men's 2019 3
Image Credit: firstVIEW

The return of the suit
It seems that this year designers set out to create a conversation around the suit and maybe to inspire men to fall in love with this garment. The designs were anything but conventional and nowhere near the traditional idea of what a suit should look like. Daniel W Fletcher reimagined a suit that was slouch, relaxed with subtle ankle revealing hems. Edward Crutchley showed off perfect tailoring in silky play suits paired with kimono-style overcoats. Sharon Waucomb took the laid-back wide leg aesthetic of the suit trousers pairing it with oversized shirts and trenches.

Highlights of London Fashion Week Men's 2019 4
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Sportswear goes retro
We couldn’t escape the fact that the world cup is here as designers honored the sport on the runway, but it was all retro and even incorporated the color of the season: gen Z yellow. What We Wear took sportswear back with 70s era tracksuits and football shirts whilst Kent & Curwen paid homage to rugby and cricket by presenting jumpers with a distinct football attitude. Yellow came in all its all its forms from canary to lemon showcased in patent parkas at the What We Wear show while Cottweiller showed the shade off in yellow trainers and nylon jumpsuits.

Highlights of London Fashion Week Men's 2019 5
Image Credit: firstVIEW

Going by what we’ve seen on the catwalks, 2019 summer/spring fashion is shaping up to be an interesting and colorful season.

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