Guide To Luxury Zippers

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Zippers, at first glance are just small fastening devices without anything complicated about it. Yet, if we look closer, not all zippers are created the same. We can differentiate zippers based on their materials, from plastic to the classic nylon to metal zippers. We can also differentiate zippers based on their purposes or functions like waterproof zippers, airtight zippers, and invisible zippers among many others.

Today, we will discuss the luxury zipper, which arguably belongs to both worlds: we call it luxurious because of its material, but also because of its functionality. So what actually makes the luxury zippers different? Let us take a look.

The Definition of Luxury Zipper
Luxury zippers, as the name suggests, is a type of zipper specially designed to pair with luxurious garments or bags. We can expect a high level of design with luxury zippers. With designer handbags, we often see the zipper pull is shaped like the brand’s logo, as well as other special designs.

Besides design, luxury zippers are also special when we consider the manufacturing process. Most luxury zippers are manufactured with special processes including hand-made manufacturing, and are produced with extra care to ensure extra smoothness, beautiful finish, and long-lasting durability.

Most luxury zippers, but not all, are made of metal mainly for design purposes.

In short, we can conclude that luxury zippers are specially designed and manufactured zippers to pair with luxurious products.

Luxury Zippers Vs Other Zippers: The Differences
Based on what we have discussed above, here are the key differences between luxury zippers and normal zippers:

  • Luxury zipper commonly undergo special manufacturing processes to ensure its quality both in design and durability.
  • Luxury zippers are specially designed to fit luxurious products.
  • Luxury zippers are made of high-quality materials with metals being the most common choice.
  • Obviously, luxury zippers are more expensive than other types.

Luxury Zippers Applications
Luxury zippers will always be the best choice for high-end and even specific mid-end garments and bags with fashion as their emphasis. The main purpose of luxury zippers is to add nuance and fashion statement to the product.

About SBS Luxury Zippers
As a leading one-stop garment accessories supplier across the globe, we have always been adhering to the management idea of “Details Achieve Quality”, which has driven our market, and enabled us to stay further ahead in competition against a crowd of local, regional and international manufacturers.

Our luxury zipper line is comprised of Metal Zippers, Plastic Zippers, Nylon Coil Zippers, and many others. Armed with a professional R&D Team who are dedicated to the product quality and technological innovations, coupled with a team of fashion designers who attach meticulous attention to every detail, we can always cater for your personal preferences and customize the zippers as per your specific requirements.

Tips for Purchasing Luxury Zippers

  1. Remember that the main purpose here is fashion. Choose the right type and design depending on your product.
  2. Make sure that the luxury zipper is not only beautiful, but also durable, especially regarding the finish.
  3. Luxury zippers are not solely about the pull design. Make sure the teeth/elements are also well-designed and durable.
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