Getting Rid Of Metal Zipper Smell The Easy Way

metal zipper

If you’ve ever handled old coins in your hands, then you’re already acquainted with a particular kind of scent that a lot of people find repulsive. This sharp, musty, metallic odor is present not only on old coins alone, but also with other objects made out of metals- and yes, that includes zippers.

As metal zippers are among the most common fasteners you can find on clothing and bags, this presents a formidable problem. Who wants to go around meeting and touching people with smelly, metallic-scented hands?

Strong-smelling metal zippers can:

  • Destroy your self-confidence
  • Make people avoid you
  • Ruin your outfit (since you’ll be forced to wear other items of clothing without metal zippers)

The scent that metal zippers usually give off is a natural byproduct of the process of oxidation. This is also the reason why old coins and other metal objects have the same scent. However, the odor can also be caused by dirt, dead skin cells, and other residue that collected over time on the zipper.

As the saying goes “prevention is better than cure.” If you don’t want strong-smelling zippers in the first place, better buy from a high quality and trusted metal zipper manufacturer. On the one hand, premium zippers could be coated with some kind of material to slow down and minimize the oxidation process, thereby lessening and minimizing the odor somewhat. On the other hand, “odor-free” line of zippers that won’t give off any scent even under extreme environmental conditions could also be guaranteed.

But should you still ever find yourself getting increasingly annoyed with smelly zippers, here are some of the steps you can do to mitigate the problem.

Wash It Thoroughly
For new items, the scent might just be the lingering aroma from manufacturing. Take a whiff of the zipper and take note of its scent. Use whatever laundry soap that you would normally use, and then dry the item thoroughly. If the odor is still there, then proceed to the steps outlined below.

Apply Soap
Rub a piece of soap (preferably one in a scent that you particularly like) directly on the zipper, then wash it off. This should somehow lessen or eliminate the zipper’s metallic odor. Make sure to clean both sides of the zipper to maximize odor elimination.

Use Rubbing Alcohol
If the soap doesn’t work, try applying a bit of rubbing alcohol on the zipper and then rub and wipe it off. The alcohol should be able do dislodge and remove any substances and residue that might be causing the odor from the zipper.

Try Vinegar
No rubbing alcohol on hand? Vinegar can be used as a substitute odor-remover. Simply mix vinegar with a little bit of water, and use the mixture to wipe both the front and back-facing parts of the zipper clean.


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