How to Get Plastic Zipper Fancy?

plastic zipper 2

Zipper, a little part, is commonly found in life. It does not appear as an independent item but usually combines with clothes, bags, shoes and other articles for daily use. It works as an unseparated part. We can classify zipper into three series including coil zipper, plastic zipper and metal zipper. Today let us learn some information about plastic zipper.

The characters of producing process decides that the cost of metal zipper is higher than that of plastic zipper in similar models. Thus, plastic zipper is more widely used in our life. It is the best choice for the working clothes, casual clothes, down jackets and bags.

A finished plastic zipper should meet these conditions: regular ordered POM teeth, high strength, good slider without stick when pull, distinct logo, uniform color and straight tape. In addition, it can be customized according to client’s demands, making various changes on size, color, teeth shape, slider, tape, etc.

Here are some chic plastic zippers that can add more highlights to your clothing.

Plastic Zipper with Coating Film

plastic zipper with coating flim

The coating film makes the teeth shiny like metal. Therefore, the plastic zipper is not only a functional fastener but also a decoration, adding more personalized element to your coat.

Reflective Plastic Zipper

reflective plastic zipper

The fashionable reflective stripe is attractive day and night and brings a sense of safety for the users. It can be applied to outdoor sports clothes, shoes, ornament, etc.

Plastic Zipper with Multi-color Tape

plastic zipper with multi-color tape

The zipper can get lots of variation by changing the pattern of tape. It can be designed in single stripe, double stripe or dotted line stripes as per your ideas.

Plastic Zipper with Transparent Teeth

plastic zipper with transparent teeth

By changing the material of teeth from POM to PC, the teeth are characterized by transparency. Matched the candy color tape, it looks more fresh and charming. Thus, plastic zipper with transparent teeth is suitable for children’s clothes.

In short, it is beyond our general cognition on plastic zipper. It is equipped with exquisite workmanship at every part of zipper. SBS has specialized in Zipper for more than 35 years.  We focus on every detail of little zipper. If you need to know more information about our zipper, please contact us.

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