Fashion Color Trend Report on New York Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2021/2022


The fashion color of every season is always an innovation of original colors or replenish to color palette. Fashion color devotes its charms mixing with seasonal core classics to inspire the wear-match of fashionista and fashion designers which cause an agitation of color trend.

Recently, we have seen a versatile color range from New York fashion week. These colors embrace and pander to the diverse possibilities of our diverging lifestyle, encouraging the diversification and individuation of color culture, embracing peace and comfort, but also conveying hope and joy. Now let’s follow the Pantone Color Institute to probe into the 2021-2022 Fall/Winter New York Fashion Week color trends.

New York fashion week autumn/winter 2021/2022 fashion colors collection:

Lasting and vigorous colors converge at here to create a color series evocative of innovation and re-envision.

New York fashion week autumnwinter 2021-2022 fashion colors1

PANTONE 18-4434 Mykonos Blue:Redolent of an airy blue of Aegean Sea.

PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating: Illuminating is a dynamic and friendly yellow which predicts that a vibrant day is coming.

PANTONE 18-6022 Leprechaun: a mythic green tone symbolic of the goblin of Irish folklore.

PANTONE 18-2330 Fuchsia Fedora: highlighted color brightness of fuchsia fedora reveals its flirtation and bold air.

PANTONE 13-1716 Pale Rosette: It is a favorable and tender romantic pink.

New York fashion week autumnwinter 2021-2022 fashion colors2

PANTONE 17-1340 Adobe: A sunbaked clay with a warm support.

PANTONE 18-1453 Fire Whirl: An energetic and dynamic red.

PANTONE 19-3838 Rhodonite: A blue tone color add purple to explore higher potential.

PANTONE 18-4221 Spring Lake: a serene and quite mid-tone blue.

PANTONE 19-1228 Root Beer: An herbal brown tint symbolizes the root bark of the sassafras.


New York fashion week autumn/winter 2021/2022 core classics:

The versatility of core classics has permanent influence.

New York fashion week autumnwinter 2021-2022 core classics

PANTONE 11-1007 Coconut Cream: A velvety white with a thick texture.

PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray: Soothing the heart with a placid grey tone.

PANTONE 13-0919 Soybean: A warm and friendly yellow beige.

PANTONE 18-0527 Olive Branch: A graceful green olive brown is a symbol of growth.

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