Exclusive Colors to Nightscape


Night always gives us a sense of mystery. It’s like as a hazy and fantastic dream in an Alice-in-Wonderland world. We get the color inspration from a scene of such mysterious darkness.

When dusk light faded, everything surrounding us turns to dim. The streets are vague with dim light. Nevertheless, lights from the stars glitter in the sky. We are marveled by the beauty of such a fascinating tale, that is exclusive to the night. The Color of the sky are changeable at different moments, also reflect varies slightly with our human eyes. This is attributed to Purkinje effect. Human eyes have different reactions about colors when light falls down from day to nigh. We are very perceptive about blue light than red because the moonlight appears bluish itself.


The enlightenment of nightscape evokes us different thinking about colors. We are amazed at the allure of midnight sky. Taking the Pantone Fashion, Shimmers in home+interiors, creates an exquisite color palette that embodys the beauty of moonlits scene.

Exclusive Colors to Nightscape

Pantone 20-0102 TPM Cherries Jubilee and Pantone 20-0122 TPM Luscious Grape form deep plum shades. Pantone 20-0076 TPM Sceptre Red are featured with the blue tinted red which is a broody grey tones between black and navy. Such as the deepest graphite Pantone 20-0141 TPM Azurite hold color and Pantone 20-0140 TPM Slipstream and Pantone 20-0135 TPM Violet Femme all of them hold darkness colors within metallic textures. These shades give them a mysterious feeling and release precious jewel-like tones.

These colors are in the favorable position for designs of concept and stories. Products are eager to step into luxury market. The sensual glow boost allure and realse a sense of luxury that cater to our desire. Nocturnal colors are a perfect option for interior and tech products or work as a sultry shimmer to accessories and fashion for holiday season. Using the light-reflctive materials to standout the depth of tones.

All images of this article from pantone.com

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