Don’t Miss the Top 3 Print Trends in Womenswear Fall-Winter 2021

Don’t Miss the Top 3 Print Trends in Womenswear AW 2021

In the fashion world, people’s eyes are always on the brands that have the latest trends. Fashion lovers watch the runway shows, the garments, the models, the styling, and immediately imagine how they’d look on their favorite outfits. So, any fashion brand and manufacturer needs to understand those trends to be up to date for their clients.

Fall-Winter 20/21 season, regarding print trends, will be full of nostalgic and classic prints with a touch of elegance to create a new and modern aesthetic for fashion consumers. Let’s see some of the upcoming print trends in womenswear for the 20/21 Fall-Winter season.

Sophisticated Plaids

Top 3 Print Trends in Womenswear AW 2021 (3)
Image source: Victoria Beckham, Christian Wijnants, Burberry, all Fall Winter 2020-21.

Elegance, sobriety, and tradition sum up this trend. We see tradition checked prints brought into a modern context by giving them a new interpretation through size, colors, and construction. Designers are playing with large-scale and bold checks with colors that range from black, grays, and white, to beiges and neutral tones.

Designers are setting this trend with all-over looks that disrupt the garment’s construction by folding, pleating, overlapping, and wrapping separate layers to create a well-defined modern silhouette.

Vintage Florals

Top 3 Print Trends in Womenswear AW 2021 (1)
Image source: Richard Quinn, Anna Sui, Ultrachic, all Fall Winter 2020-21.

70s vintage floral prints come back to a modern era offering new romantic floral prints. This trend is full of young and fun feels with its pastel color palettes and the playful botanical patterns.

We see this trend in Anna Sui’s collection where she creates full floral looks that take inspiration on an expressive and young 70s decade. On the meanwhile, Richard Quinn is designing his collection around oversized and exaggerated blossoms contrasting strong black backgrounds with romantic pastel color palettes for a fresh vintage look. Finally, Ultrachic gives us a geometrical print playing with tile-like placements that takes us back to a baroque floral setting.

Art Nouveau Blooming

Top 3 Print Trends in Womenswear AW 2021 (2)
Image source: Prada, Chloe, Longchamp, all Fall Winter 2020-21.

Finally, we see Art Nouveau inspired graphics that are used to highlight certain body parts. These motifs placed in a strong black solid background create a modern-day well-defined silhouette that takes us back to a past era in a futuristic context. The subtle prints in a monochromatic palette make an elegant and essential trend.

Brands like Prada, Chloe, or Longchamp are taking this classic colorful concept and translating it into a modern abstract print. Part of this trend is the use of embroidery and beading techniques that result in a three-dimensional print feel. We see how the stylized Art Nouveau blossoms prints transform into contemporary clean illustrations.

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