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Deciphering Zippers: Separating Bottom zippers vs. Closed Bottom zippers


When customers delve into the world of zippers for the first time, their reaction is often one of surprise: “Gosh, I had no idea that there was so much to know about zippers.” Indeed, zippers are ubiquitous in our daily lives, yet their complexity and significance often go unnoticed.

In this article, we aim to illuminate a fundamental aspect of zippers: the distinction between Separating Bottom and Closed Bottom Zippers. Get ready to deepen your understanding of zippers!

Let’s start with Separating Bottom Zippers. These zippers are primarily used in scenarios where the two sides of the zipper need to completely separate, such as in the closure of a jacket. The two crucial components responsible for connection are termed the “pin” and the “box”. The pin is inserted into the box to unite the zipper, after which the slider is pulled upwards to close it. Here are a couple of crucial points to note regarding Separating Bottom Zippers:


  1. Broken Pin or Box: Repairing a damaged or detached pin or box on a separating zipper is a challenging task. Our pins and boxes are affixed to the zipper tape using specialized machinery. Attempts to manually reattach them typically result in recurrent damage.
  2. Shortening Separating Bottom Zippers: If you need to shorten separating bottom zippers, avoid cutting off the pin and box. Always shorten the zipper from the top by removing the top stops. once removed, reattachment is impossible.

Now, let’s shift our focus to Closed Bottom Zippers. These zippers are employed when the zipper is intended to remain intact and not separate, such as in the fly of a pair of pants. A bottom stop is utilized to prevent the slider from detaching from the zipper chain. It’s a straightforward zipper that efficiently serves its purpose without much fuss. However, there’s one crucial point to bear in mind:


Converting Closed Bottom to Separating Bottom: It’s impossible to convert a closed bottom zipper into a separating bottom zipper. We once had a customer who mistakenly ordered 30″ closed bottom zippers and later requested them to be converted into separating bottom zippers. Regrettably, we had to inform them that such a conversion was unfeasible. Despite the disappointment, the lesson was learned, and future orders were placed more thoughtfully.

And there you have it – the distinction between Separating Bottom and Closed Bottom zippers. Whether you’re deliberating between the two styles, we hope this information proves valuable in your decision-making process.

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