Colours That Bring a Sense of Peace

Colours That Bring a Sense of Peace

It may surprise you to learn that colours not only have a huge aesthetic appeal but depending on the hue, can also have an effect on our state of mind. For example, some bold colours such as red might invoke feelings of passion and fun.

In this article, we are going to be exploring colours that bring a sense of peace. These colours can reduce stress levels and have a calming effect – pretty impressive, right!

Peaceful Colours

Many people may associate a peaceful colour as being blue, and whilst this is seen to be a more relaxing hue, there are many others. No matter what your personal preference, there will be a colour that can bring peace into your life.

  • Blue enables you to feel much less stressed and can actually alter your state of mind, bringing you to a calmer place. It has even been seen to have the ability to lower blood pressure! These effects can be best seen when using a pale shade of the colour.
  • Pink is a colour which can create a calm environment, provided that it is a pastel version of the shade. If you opt for a hot pink or one that has red tones, this can have the reverse effect. According to the principles of Feng Shui, the colour pink is able to diffuse unwanted energy.
  • Green is reminiscent of everything we find in nature and so when used in other areas such as clothing or home decor, the colour can have a relaxing impact. Green has been seen to relieve feelings of anxiety. Any shade of green will work well to create a calm environment.
  • Tan gives off a natural vibe which can be very soothing. Used alongside other colours it makes a great highlighter.
  • Violet is a colour which is often associated with knowledge and peace and is a great accompaniment for meditation. Many people opt for violet as a colour to bring about a feeling of inner peace.


Choosing a peaceful colour can ensure that you feel calm and relaxed but on top of this, there are certain physical aspects to colour such as lowered blood pressure and heart rate. Softer hues are preferable for creating a relaxed environment and there are many of them to choose from.

Let’s take a look at the new color hues released by Pantone. It tells a story of understated undertones by use of pleasing and peaceful palette.

Colours That Bring a Sense of Peace
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