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Dazzling Pastels

Maybe you have got used to the traditional pastels since the images of pastels have been impressed upon your inherent mind that these colors cannot have more changeable factors. However, it is not true. Accompanying with injection of metallic luster, Pastels evolve into more vivacious and saturated.

The new pastels have trippy hues, which is definitely clash with the traditional tint. In this regard, it is a reflection of our time. We are ecstatic about such dazzling changes. Actually, the dazzling pastels started the journey from 5 years ago. Millennial pink was all the rage in the design industries, and further jumped out the framework of pastels’ feminine. As it was known, Pantone 13-1520 Rose Quartz and Pantone 15-3919 Serenity were highly-recognized by the Pantone Color Institute 2 pastel colors to identified as representatives of 2016.

Fashion, home and interiors
Fashion, Home and Interiors

With time leap forward today 2021, These pastels denote the yearning for happiness and joy. In the palette of dazzling pastels, the gentle and bright tints of Pantone 15-1243 Papaya (Pantone 1565C), Pantone 15-1435 Desert Flower (Pantone 177C) and Pantone 14-0443 Kiwi Colada (Pantone 388C) send a suggestion that we can find the positive side in our life, once we smile at life. Our life will be different because of our good attitude.

Dazzling Pastels by Jane Boddy

The various changes and fresh energy of dazzling pastels require designers to dig into the level of color tones. Undeniably, even the slight changes can come out with totally different feelings, which push the look forward modern and groovy.

Based on the characteristics of this group of color, they win the attention of all age groups. The unique cool temperament is revealed on luxury goods if it is applied to. Also, it brings fresh energy for tech and cosmetic packaging.

Nostalgia of Dazzling Pastels by Joshua Coleman

Among these dazzling pastels, we can smell the nostalgic tastes. Pantone 15-2213 Bonbon (Pantone 236C) and Pantone 14-4514 Atomizer (Pantone 636C) arouse our retrospection of casual looks of the 90s or Miami beach life in the 1980s. The back memories make us cannot help but look forward to a much-needed comfort sense about our present and future.

Taking an analogue past as a reference point, we have seen the more unrevealed vitality in the past. The vibrancy of these colors embodies we have the fascination for digital revolution. Since it is palpable. In a nutshell, the dazzling and electric pastels are shiny at the digital screen, conversely, the extreme bright colors gradually withdraw from this field.

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