Color Forecast | Color of The Year 2023 And an Overview of Key Color S/S 2023

Color of The Year 2023 And an Overview of Key Color SS 2023
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It is undeniably that color has occupied a more important factors in all walks of life accompanied by more experiences we tapped into the world. The symbolic meanings of colors prompt people have a scrupulous attitude towards the usage of colors in commercial activities, fashion designs and technology development and so on. Due to the dominated position of color, knowing the latest color trend is grabbing the favorable opportunities, so to speak. Recently, the renowned authority institute WGSN and COLORO color system jointly launched the envision on color of the year 2023 and offer an overview of key color S/S 2023.

Color of The Year 2023 Digital Lavender
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According the color statements from WGSN & COLORO, color of the year 2023 is digital lavender. This color varies from the raw color palette but is an amalgamated hue that come from digital culture. With the pervasiveness of digitalization and 5G, the traditional purple has elevated with an artificial color, which takes on a powerful sense of healthy protection and improvement. The digital lavender makes an association with health concerned and convey a mental emotion of serenity and calmness. As per prediction of WGSN & COLORO, digital lavender is a trans-gender color and has already embedded the market of youth. Most likely, it will cover all aspects of fashion products by 2023. Its visual healing effect will take it as priority for wellness products, healing and self-care rituals. Also, this amalgamated color will be an ideal for digitalized wellness products, household appliances and mood-boosting lighting.

four key colors Spring and Summer 2023
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Simultaneously, Combining the innovations of COLORO with the trend forecasting expertise of WGSN, they have put forward four key colors Spring and Summer 2023. They are luscious red (coloro:010-46-36), sundial (coloro:028-59-26), tranquil blue (coloro:114-57-24) and verdigris (coloro:092-38-21). Luscious red is filled with hyper-real, immersive, sensorial; Sundial reveals the feeling of organic, authentic, humble; Tranquil blue are a denotation of clarity, calm, still; Verdigris let us see the other side with invigorating, retro, digital.

On the holistic side, 2023 S/S has aroused a new color revolution. People are eager to get deeper meanings of organic hues alongside with exploration the research on growing digitalized virtual worlds, regardless of saturated or desaturated, powerful or tender, vivid or still, reawakening or optimistic, every expression on color is flourishing.

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