Choose the Right Kind of Zipper Supplier

Choose the right kind of zipper supplier

Choosing the right kind of zipper supplier is an important task and a big decision. Zippers are a small, yet important part of the fashion industry. Every dress, jacket, purse, pair of shoes, and pair of trousers needs a quality and user-friendly zipper and so does every fashion brand in the world. The first thing to do when it comes to choosing the right kind of zipper supplier is to know the three main types of suppliers and learn about their pros and cons.

Different types of suppliers

First, there are traditional manufacturers. They are the ones that retailers and brands most commonly decide to cooperate with when creating their own products. Traditional manufacturers are mostly known for mass production of a specific group of items. Working with them gives the company a lot of control over the price of the product, the quality, the colors, branding, and other details. However, choosing traditional manufacturers as wholesale zipper suppliers may be quite challenging for smaller brands as this kind of suppliers often lack flexibility. They typically have high minimum order requirements, long waiting periods, and various different production locations, which may result in logistical issues. In addition, they oftentimes lack a variety of auxiliary services, such as a cloud-based management system and in-house design services, which makes them less interesting for smaller boutique brands.

Secondly, there are the so/called wholesalers, distributors, and dropshippers. They are most popular among companies that don’t wish to create their own products or hold an inventory. In this care, the company is just the middleman – they buy products from the suppliers and sell them to the customers. Dropshippers fulfill the orders directly. These kinds of suppliers can’t offer product exclusivity, therefore companies must outsell the competition with skillful marketing strategies and good brand positioning. This option gives companies very little control over the price and the details of the product and may result in lower profit margins.

Lastly, there are makers and on-demand manufacturers. This option enables the companies to negotiate the quality, quantity, price, and product details. In addition, they can choose the timeline that best fits their needs. Both the retailer and the maker usually benefit from each other’s publicity and the great flexibility enables them to create a truly unique product. They usually don’t have any minimum order requirements and are known for fast turnaround times. Cooperating with makers and on-demand manufacturers has hardly any cons.

The leaders of the zipper industry

The zipper industry has successfully gained independence from the larger fashion industry and has grown to be a more than 13 billion USD industry. Nowadays, there are thousands of zipper producing brands all over the globe. Some of the biggest zipper brands come from China and Japan. We, SBS Zipper, are the largest zipper and button manufacturer in China. Our company is known for a strong work ethic, great innovation, high-quality products, working with some of the biggest brands in the fashion industry, a large variety of products, great production capacity, timely delivery, and numerous other qualities, which makes us the leader of the zipper industry.

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