China Metal Zipper Industry: Build Zipper Brands to Win International Market

SBS Zipper factory

Compared with nylon and plastic zippers, metal zippers are the oldest type and they have been adored by people due to shiny appearance and durability since their birth. According to the statistics, the global annual demand of metal zippers have kept growing at the rate of about 5% to 10% and the demand of middle and high-end metal zipper has increased by about 50% in recent years.

Nowadays, China has taken a leading position in manufacturing and export metal zippers after over 30 years of development. However, a vital issue we are faced is that most of our products are mainly concentrated in the low-end market, which remains a large obstacle to the sustainable development of domestic zipper industry. The main reasons accounting for this situation is the small scale, weak brands, complex production processes and unclear division of labor of Chinese  zipper enterprises.

One of the most important aspects of upgrading and transforming China metal zipper industry is to improve the competitive force relying on developing the middle and high-end zipper market. Besides, credible and professional zipper brands are the main force to enter the international high-end metal zipper market, so we are supposed to build powerful and high-quality zipper brands to win the recognition of domestic and foreign brand customers.

During the competition against foreign high-end metal zipper brands, the force of only one or two China zipper brands is limited. What we expect is that more and more China zipper brands spring up in the international market and they are twisted together to take measures to gradually occupy the high-end market.

SBS zipper has been specialized in manufacturing metal zipper for over 32 years and will always stuck to the goal of making SBS a well-known brand around the world. With 5 manufacturing bases and powerful research strength, our metal zippers have advantages including short delivery time, specialized zipper tapes, stable product quality, outstanding surface finish, etc.

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