China International Fashion Week AW 2018/19: the New Direction of China Fashion

China Fashion Week AW 2018/2019
Image Credit: China Fashion Week

China Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2018/2019 officially ended in Beijing, on April 1st. As the top-rated platform of China’s fashion design, it is always actively exploring the new direction of China’s fashion industry by combining innovation and reality.

Below are 4 features of the new direction explored by China Fashion Week AW 2018/2019.

1. Informatization
China Fashion Week AW 2018/2019 adapts itself to the change of new industry structure and the upgrade of consumption pattern by integrating industrial and social resources, providing commercial opportunities for designers and brands.

China Fashion Week AW 2018/2019-1
Image Credit: China Fashion Week

2. Innovation
Ruize Sun, chairmen of China National Textile and Apparel Council, put it that the coming of the new wave of technological innovation brought unprecedented opportunities for traditional clothing industry. This fashion week has witnessed a wide assortment of new materials for instance knitted and woven denim fabric, fabrics which are anti-sunlight, anti-perspiration, anti-uv and so on.

China Fashion Week AW 2018/2019-2
Image Credit: China Fashion Week

3. Traditional Culture
Integrating Chinese culture into modern lifestyle and popularizing oriental aesthetics is the direction of industrial value advocated by China Fashion Week AW 2018/2019. Therefore, Chinese designers have been seeking for a combination of global fashion trend and Chinese cultural. Embroidery handicraft, Chinese character, bamboo weaving, Chinese painting dyestuff, Kunqu opera, Oriental aesthetic have found their amazingly way into modern fashion, taking Beijing by storm.

4. Youth
As youth force appears on the horizon, street fashion proudly declares its fashion statement by way of motorcycle culture, graffiti, sports, music, providing a glimpse into how young culture trends in the fashion world.

Another young feature is that China Fashion Week AW 2018/2019 is devoted to promoting the growth of young designer force. With the development of society, large number of young designers with higher education degree spring up, presenting their comprehensive understanding of traditional Chinese culture and international fashion. This multifunctional fashion week sweeps a road for young designers in design inspiration, brand promotion and so on.

China Fashion Week AW 2018/2019-3
Image Credit: China Fashion Week

Internet technology developing rapidly, China fashion trends will constantly enrich themselves and promote the fusion of fashion varying in space, time, region and culture on the basis of Chinese traditional culture.


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