3 Tips for Fixing and Cleaning Airtight Zippers

July 21, 2017 sbs-zipper.com 0

Airtight zippers are zippers that have been specially designed and treated to resist damage from dust, chemical fumes, gases and above average atmospheric pressure. Usually made out of vulcanized chloroprene rubber, airtight zippers find use in a wide variety of industrial and chemical applications (e.g. decompression clothing, space suits, immersion suits, marine sportswear, etcetera). Due to the nature of their construction, airtight zippers should be handled and treated differently from normal zippers. Here are a few tips on how they can be properly fixed and cleaned.

How to Correctly Use and Store Airtight Zippers?

July 19, 2017 sbs-zipper.com 0

In situations where protection from water, chemical fumes, and other substances is the priority, airtight zippers are a must. These zippers are specifically designed and manufactured to act as a protective barrier against most liquids and gases. As such, they are commonly used in marine sportswear (survival and life suits, wet or dry diving suits), inflatable objects (water beds, water-walking balls), camping gear (tents, backpacks), protection suits (decompression clothing, immersion suits, firefighters’ suits) and other types of functional clothing. Due to their special nature, airtight zippers are treated and stored differently from regular zippers.

An Installation Guide To Air/Water Tight Zippers

July 17, 2017 sbs-zipper.com 0

Installing air/water tight zippers will need a different approach compared to other zippers. The fact that we will need to maintain the air/water tightness will require a more careful and technical installation process. In this guide, we will discuss the different installation methods for air and water tight zippers. The installation method may differ, depending on the tape material of which the zipper is going to be installed. So, let us first discuss the common tape materials used for air and water tight zippers.

Buyer’s Guide to Water/Air Tight Zipper Applications

July 14, 2017 sbs-zipper.com 0

As the name ‘water/air tight’ zipper suggests, the main feature of this zipper type is preventing liquid and air leakage. You should notice the key difference when compared to the waterproof zipper, where there can still be air leakage. To manufacture a water/air tight zipper, the key technology is the air/water tight teeth/elements and seal. So, we should also take proper care when installing the air/water tight zipper, as you will need to ensure the seal is installed properly to prevent leakage. Different technologies can be used to manufacture air/water tight elements and seal. Nickel silver, polyester, and polyamide are [Continue Reading]

How To Protect Zippers During The Ironing Process

July 12, 2017 sbs-zipper.com 0

Zippers serve as a functional and decorative portion of a myriad of items. They may not function normally as expected if they are subjected to improper treatment during the ironing process. Let us first take a quick glance at some of the adverse impacts that may be produced on the zippers or zipper accessories when ironing is not performed in a proper way.

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose SBS For Metal Zippers

July 7, 2017 sbs-zipper.com 0

Metal zipper is the oldest type of zipper, extensively used for jeans, jackets, bags, shoes, and other heavy-duty or decorative items. There are numerous zipper manufacturers and suppliers available in the market today. We have walked you through the factors to consider for choosing a zipper manufacturer. Below, we would like to share why you should choose SBS for metal zippers among other leading brands in the world.

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