How to Sew a Lapped Zipper

January 26, 2021 SBSZIPPER 0

Sewing a zipper is an important part of learning how to sew. This article aims to teach sewing beginners how to sew a lapped zipper by hand in just a few easy steps. You may feel that the idea of sewing a zipper may sound intimidating but sewing a lapped zipper is one of the easiest types of zippers to install. There are also several different ways of sewing a lapped zipper so do not get discouraged if you make a few mistakes. These simple instructions will help you install your first lapped zipper.

How to Quickly Fix A Zipper at Home

November 17, 2020 SBSZIPPER 0

A faulty zipper can be one of the most awkward fashion fixes due to the fact that they can be a bit awkward to maneuver without making the issue worse. Many people are of the belief that you absolutely must visit an alterations shop in order to have the zipper fixed, but that could not be further from the truth. You can easily fix the issue at home with a bit of patience and elbow grease.

The Small Zipper Keeps Up with The Trend

November 7, 2020 SBSZIPPER 0

Zipper is a device for temporarily joining two pieces maybe fabric or leather and what not. It is so ubiquitous and its function as fastener is endorsed. However, you may not idea that zipper experienced a long-time silence before becoming mainstream. After improvement by many inventors, zipper has changed out of all recognition.

Zippers Used in Footwear

October 14, 2020 SBSZIPPER 0

There used to be a few undeniable facts about footwear, and chief amongst those is that they used either laces or velcro. However, both fashion and technology keep changing and zippers are finding a bigger presence in the footwear world with each passing day.

The Zipper as An Edgy Element to Fashion Design

September 8, 2020 SBSZIPPER 0

When you think of zippers, you’d automatically think fastening or closures on dresses, bags, and other items made of fabric. Zippers serve a function but in the world of fashion, it has gone beyond this very basic use.

The Story of Zipper

September 5, 2020 SBSZIPPER 0

When we talk about the fastener effect of clothing fasteners—buttons, zippers, hooks, toggles, ties, etc., zippers probably are ranked on the top of them as its discreetness. However, seemingly we use zippers so commonly that we don’t realize how they are practical and decorative.

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