How to Correctly Choose Clothing Zippers

July 27, 2018 SBSZIPPER 0

As we know, zippers play an important role in clothing accessory. There are various types of zipper available in the market depending on different materials and manufacturing methods. Therefore, it may be confusing to choose correct zippers for clothing. Choosing zippers for clothing correctly can not only add a fashion statement to clothing, but also prolong the service life of zippers. Below we will discuss about how to correctly select clothing zippers on basis of zipper strength, teeth material and the type and color of clothing.

Maintaining Painted Zipper Sliders: How To Prevent Paint Chip-Off

January 8, 2018 SBSZIPPER 0

Zippers can come in many different colors, making them a preferable choice to add colors in many fashion items. Typically, the color is added by giving the zipper surface a finish with many different methods. Generally, the more complicated the method is, the more durable the finish will be. Paint chip-off is a common issue with painted sliders. Normally, painted chip-off can be found at the edge of the sliders or on the protruded part. How can we maintain the longevity of our painted zipper sliders? Here are a few tips

Standard Zipper Size/Teeth Width Specification Charts

December 16, 2017 SBSZIPPER 0

Internationally, zipper sizes are expressed in #, and Millimeter/Inch is used to measure the teeth width. Typically, the size of a zipper is an approximation of its teeth width in millimeters when it is closed. The measurement won’t line up neatly with the zipper size, with a deviation that could range from minus 0.8 to 1.85.

A Complete Guide To Nylon Coil Mutual-assembled Zippers

November 29, 2017 SBSZIPPER 0

Nylon Coil Mutual-assembled Zipper refers to the mutual assembling of two nylon coil zippers with the same model number and specifications, whose left and right sides can be exchanged and assembled into a complete and qualified zipper. Please read this guide carefully before placing an order.

Transparent Tape VS. Cloth Film Tape: What Is The Difference

November 24, 2017 SBSZIPPER 0

Reinforcement Tape or Strengthened Tape is a thin layer of film that is attached to  a separating zipper or a dual separating zipper. Although it may go unnoticed easily, reinforcement tape is an indispensable accessory for securing the box & pin mechanism and the tape, and extending the service life of separating zippers. Below we will walk you through the different types of reinforcement tapes as well as the differences between them.

A Guide To Classify Metal Zipper Teeth

November 24, 2017 SBSZIPPER 0

Metal zippers, usually made from aluminum, zinc alloy, brass, etc., are preferred for pants, jackets, leather shoes and bags on account of their high cost. There are different types of metal zipper teeth based on the materials and manufacturing processes. Generally speaking, metal zipper teeth can be classified into Normal Teeth, Y-cut Teeth, Die-casting Zipper L Teeth/A Teeth, Corn Teeth and Swiss Teeth.

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