Bold Patterns and Colors: Memphis Style

October 15, 2021 SBSZIPPER 0

If you are a fan of the 80s and particularly its bold colors and shapes, then Memphis Style is just right for you. This postmodern aesthetic that prioritizes form over function is a real eye-catcher and is going to inject new life into any room or even your wardrobe. But to fully understand and adopt this style we need to cover all the angles and properly explain what the Memphis Style is all about.

The Brilliant and Engaging Zipper Art Installation

July 23, 2021 SBSZIPPER 0

Because of its amazing ability to reflect and uncover our city’s social, economic, and cultural value, public art boosts the exceptional and extraordinary qualities of our communities. While such installations tame, beautify, and re-invigorate our communal space, there is no denying how much most of us just can’t get enough of accessible art.

Metal Zippers in Surreal Stone Zipper Sculpture

March 9, 2021 SBSZIPPER 0

Zippers are a multifaceted object that can be used in a wide variety of applications. The zipper’s primary use is for the closure or fastening of clothing and bags, or any type of fabricated material, for that matter. It can be a functional accessory or a decoration, even it can be a part of art works.

Tell You Some Impressive High-Tech Fabrics

December 22, 2020 SBSZIPPER 0

Perhaps you have been wondering about high technology fabrics. This article will address some of the top ones that are highly interesting and truly beneficial. As a result, there will be a close look at their features and performance.

How to be a fashionista?

September 19, 2020 SBSZIPPER 0

Fashionista must be the protagonist for the brand. He always keeps track the latest fashion trend. You can see the polished image of designers on the stage. However, you may wonder that how they work for their career?

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