2017 Global Zipper Sliders Sales Market Report

October 19, 2017 sbs-zipper.com 0

The recently released 2017 Global Zipper Sliders Sales Market Report by MarketInsightsReports provides a comprehensive snapshot of the current state of the international zipper sliders industry, as well as its potential sales and market growth for the next five years (from 2017 to 2022). With data compiled through extensive primary interviews and market analysis, this report is an invaluable document for manufacturers, investors, and other stakeholders in the zipper slider industry. What The Report Covers The assessments in the report revolve around the zipper sliders industry’s key trends, market challenges, present regulatory landscape, and deployment models. The report also goes [Continue Reading]

Asia-Pacific Region Plastic Zip Market Report 2017

July 6, 2017 sbs-zipper.com 0

Based on the Global Zipper Market Post 2022 Forecast, Asia Pacific region contributes largely to the growth in the global zipper manufacturing industry. This is because most zipper manufacturers come from this region. It is also revealed in the report that there is an increasing demand for plastic zips due to their cheaper price and easier manufacturing process when compared with metal zips. We are very glad to learn that the latest report regarding the market of plastic zips in the Asia-Pacific Region has been published by QY RESEARCH recently. Those who would like to probe into the plastic zip [Continue Reading]

The EN 16732: 2015 — EU’s First Unified Slide Fastener Standard

June 17, 2017 sbs-zipper.com 0

A new standard on slide fastener requirements titled EN 16732: 2015 has been adopted by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN). This new standard is the first EU standard of its kind and it is expected to replace the British-based standard which has been in place until now — BS 3084: 2006. Until now, the BS 3084: 2006 has been used by manufacturers and consumers alike as the set of standards in the production of slide fasteners throughout the continent. The CEN has based the European standard on existing standards within the industry, as well as existing specifications and test [Continue Reading]

The Global Zipper Market Post 2022 Forecast

April 28, 2017 sbs-zipper.com 0

According to a report published by the India-based research agency Market Research Future, the global zipper market is expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate of 8.3% past 2022. A Bright Future Though most people don’t give second thoughts about zippers, these objects have essential and indispensable applications in the textile, luggage, footwear, and automotive industries. As clothes always need to have zippers to keep them in place, most of the market growth has been projected to come from the garment industry. More people earning larger disposable incomes equates to more people buying clothes. This kind of lifestyle [Continue Reading]

2017 Global Clothing Accessories Market Research Report

January 14, 2017 sbs-zipper.com 0

The 2017 Global Clothing Accessories Market Research Report carries out an in-depth and professional research into the current Clothing Accessories Industry. It covers the statistics from 2011 to 2016. Based on the accessory types, the market can be classified into zippers, buttons and others. According to the accessory applications, the market can be categorized into uniform, daydress, sportswear, formal dress and others. Based on regions, the market can be separated into Europe, North America, China, Japan, India and Southeast Asia. The report mainly consists of 4 parts. In the first part, the report presents an overview of the clothing accessories [Continue Reading]

The $13 Billion Zipper Wars

November 17, 2016 sbs-zipper.com 0

LONDON, United Kingdom — For a seemingly mundane business, the global zipper trade has evolved in a surprisingly cutthroat way. Two Asian superpower firms have found themselves head to head in a rivalry that is impacting the supply chain of most major fashion brands. Experts estimate that between them, Japanese giant YKK and Chinese challenger SBS account for well over half the global zipper market. And as the battleground is evolving, so too are their tactics to outdo one another. Traditionally, YKK has been the more successful player. Established in 1934 by Tadao Yoshida, the Japanese manufacturer grew at an impressive [Continue Reading]

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