How to Select a Quality Outdoor Fabric – 6 Key Criteria

August 24, 2019 SBSZIPPER 0

Selecting any sort of fabric can be quite challenging, however, when it comes to choosing the outdoor fabric things get even more complicated. Using the material outdoors constantly exposes it to various weather changing conditions. As such, choosing poor quality fabric can result in tears, ruptures, and other sorts of material failures in a very short time.

All You Need to Know about Digital Printing

August 17, 2019 SBSZIPPER 0

Digital printing is the method of printing from a digital based printer to a variety of media. It makes use of an electrostatic laser to print the image, text or any other content. The printing can be done on paper, cloth, glass sheets and several other medium. It uses the help of computer processes to directly print the image.

The Classification of Garment Dyes

July 30, 2019 SBSZIPPER 0

Garment dyeing, as the name suggests, refers to coloring garments by chemical stains or other processes. After long-time use, wearing or frequent washing, garments will run into the risk of natural abrasion or man-made damage, resulting in the fading, falling off or staining. However, garment dyeing technology can restore and recolor their color and increase the lustre.

Everything You Should Know about the Compatibility of Garment Accessories

July 22, 2019 SBSZIPPER 0

As we know, the internal and external quality requirements of garment accessories are important aspects of their compatibility. Therefore, when designing and selecting garment accessories, it is necessary to have a detailed understanding of their quality standards and application performance, so as to achieve the purpose of compatibility and avoid irreparable losses. Here are 6 requirements about garment accessories compatibility.

Performance Requirements of Protective Clothing for Firefighting

January 10, 2019 SBSZIPPER 0

Protective clothing for firefighting is one of the important equipment to protect the personal safety of firefighters active in the first line of fire fighting against heat and fire. They also have developed with the times. Since 2013, protective clothing for firefighting have can be roughly divided into two types including integrated type and two-piece type.

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