Global Environmental Performance Requirements for Metal Buckles

October 7, 2019 SBSZIPPER 0

With the further development of society, human’s awareness of environmental is constantly being strengthened. In addition, aiming at other countries, especially developing countries, some developed countries take advantage of their economic and technological advantages to set up some environmental protection requirements of imported products.

Guide to Sewing a Shank Button

September 30, 2019 SBSZIPPER 0

Are you wondering how to sew on a shank button? Most of us know how to sew on a flat button but not everyone knows the right steps for a shank button. There are two basic types of buttons, shank and flat types.

Your Old Clothing Buttons May Be a Collector’s Windfall

September 24, 2019 SBSZIPPER 0

Before you throw out all those old clothes stored up in your attic you might want to consider their collectible value. Old clothes themselves can eventually become collectibles if they are unique enough and in good condition, but you should also take a look at the buttons that adorn them.

How to Chose a Snap Button’s Barrel Length

August 20, 2019 SBSZIPPER 0

As the largest zipper/button manufacturer in China, we, here at SBS Zipper, decided to share with you some useful information regarding the barrel length of snap button. As you can imagine, the length of the barrel plays an important role and essentially determines the strength and fit of a snap button and the final quality of the product.

Genuine Leather Buttons VS Imitation Leather Buttons: What is the Difference

July 25, 2019 SBSZIPPER 0

Genuine leather buttons are made of natural cowhide, pigskin, sheepskin and other raw materials, with the texture of natural leather on the surface. They are suitable for high-end leather garments, suits and casual wear due to their rich colors and luxurious sense. However, there are many kinds of buttons with different qualities in the market, which will puzzle us when selecting suitable leather buttons for clothing.

4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Nylon Buttons

May 30, 2019 SBSZIPPER 0

The scientific name of nylon is polyamide, belonging to thermoplastic engineering plastics. Hence, the production method of nylon buttons is injection molding, which is relatively simple. Making mold is necessary for the injection molding of nylon buttons. 

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