Bringing the Baggy Fashion Trend Back

Bringing The Baggy Fashion Trend Back
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We’ve come full circle- large, oversized, baggy clothes are in. Mom jeans, jumbo tshirts, cargo pants, loose fit trousers- they’re all back. It’s as if the 80s returned and never left. As if the whole trend of skinny jeans and skinny anything in the last decade never happened.

You can see them everywhere. If you watch Euphoria, a very popular teen drama series currently airing on HBO, the trend is on full show. Rue Bennett, played by actress and singer Zendaya, is rocking boxy tops and her drug dealer friend Fezco, played by Angus Cloud, is wearing baggy Supreme sweaters. It looks like everyone just stepped out from a Drake music video. Funnily enough, the antagonist jock is the one who is rocking the skinny jeans- a clear sign that a villain mindset makes you prone to committing not only evil deeds, but also fashion mistakes.

But it’s not just the Gen Z kids who are immersed in the trend though. You can see it on the runways too. It all started with Raf Simmon’s trendsetting Spring 2016 collection. Instead of relying on the skinny look that has been his bread-and-butter for years past, he unveiled suits with layers and layers of fabric. It was quite a shocking new look for him.

The trend continued on in 2017, with Dior’s Kris Van Assche. He released a tailored suit collection that featured a lot of loose-fit, cropped trousers. Margaret Howell also showed a similar collection, one that involved lots of khaki trousers with large silhouettes. And just recently, in his Spring/Summer 2020 show, Bottega Veneta’s Daniel Lee showcased oversized trenchcoats, giant shorts made of khaki, huge jumpsuits- just some of the biggest outfits that he has ever presented in his career. Large and baggy fashion is the name of the game.

This just shows that fashion, is, and will always be a wheel. Trends of yesteryears always have the potential to make a comeback.


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