Brilliant Color from Nature

Naturally Brilliant Colour – Kew Gardens

Recently, London Kew Gardens offer a glorious color feast to our eyes. It is the first time for us to see such a haunting color exhibition presented on the development of color technique, which is called “Pure Structural Color”. Having been explored by Lifescaped, the new technology well integrates the three aspects of the bio-inspiration, science and art. It is a distilation of color coming out with brightest hues. We can go through with humming brids, tropical fish, butterflies and birds of paradise. The mesmerizing beauty springs out from these vivid creatures let us ignore the pigments which have some sustainable aspects or away from ethic. It can be viewed as a vital step for the industry to devote energy to create products which feature with beautiful, commercial and eco-friendly.

Iridescent butterflies

Prof Andrew Parker, the director of lifescaped. Has been keened on deconstruct a certain type of color in nature since 1990. Such a mysterious color creates a velvety yet incandescent tint in different dimensions, but distinguished from metallic shades. This is the origin of this groundbreaking technology. Many plants and animals own such effect, but marvellous discovery from him when copying these one of these species in volume in that there is a common principle of reflection for all species that that can be made using commonplace machines instead of expensive clean rooms. The composition of the brightest hues is made with transparent materials include metal, leather, glass and polymers or other substrates. It can be shaped like tiny flakes that play as metallic effect pigment in cosmetics and paints, building an amazing, new type of color effect.

The Kaleidoscope of Nature’s ColoursAs a key component of this exhibition, Pure Structural Color highlights overwhelmingly in the hues of Robert John Thornton’s (1807) Temple of Flora. The vision is both bright and deep, also rich with blue base colors. These hues take on a bold and powerful air which are quite suitable for technology and automotive industry. Or just serve as a prominent color, working as a trendy color to product packaging or home furnishing.

structural colour in nature 1 structural colour in nature 2

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