SBS Zipper New Series: Plastic Zipper with Special Teeth

July 11, 2019 SBSZIPPER 0

1. Plastic Zipper Curved Teeth When looked from the front side, the single tooth of zipper resembles an ancient clock, making the overall appearance elegant and fashionable. Besides, the edge of tooth has a large arc design, which can provide a soft feel and avoid to hurt fingers. Unique tooth shape appearance and radian improve the three-dimensional effect of zipper tooth and enhance the visual impact.

SBS is Listed As Fujian Green Factory Demonstration Enterprise

July 5, 2019 SBSZIPPER 0

Recently, the list of green manufacturing has been released by Fujian Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, including 64 green factories, 8 green-designed products, 3 green industrial parks and 10 enterprises operating green supply chain management. To our delight, SBS zipper has made the list of green factory demonstration enterprise.

SBS Zipper: Drive Lean Change to Build Competitive Advantage

June 29, 2019 SBSZIPPER 0

Recently, Shanghai SBS zipper held the kick off meeting of Lean Strategic Management, lifting the curtain of the lean reform. The guidance of lean management idea, the demonstration of tool and method of lean management, the sharing of project effect were fully discussed in the meeting, which provided valuable references and guidance for the future lean reform of Shanghai SBS Zipper.

Why You Boots Need SBS High-Quality Zipper

June 24, 2019 SBSZIPPER 0

The fashion industry is always changing, and so are boots. However, a pair of well-made boots with attractive design is an essential item in a women wardrobe. No matter which type it is, loose, comfortable, neutral or retro, it is a must-have fashion weapon for each season and will not be out of style.

3 Kinds of Fabric to Make Your Clothes Futuristic

June 17, 2019 SBSZIPPER 0

Clothes are made of fabric. As a main component of clothing, not only does fabric interpret the style and characteristic of clothing, but also affect the performance of clothing design. The selection of fabric is particularly important in the design and performance of futuristic clothing. So how does fabric add the sense of future to clothing?

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