2017 Global Zipper Sliders Sales Market Report

October 19, 2017 sbs-zipper.com 0

The recently released 2017 Global Zipper Sliders Sales Market Report by MarketInsightsReports provides a comprehensive snapshot of the current state of the international zipper sliders industry, as well as its potential sales and market growth for the next five years (from 2017 to 2022). With data compiled through extensive primary interviews and market analysis, this report is an invaluable document for manufacturers, investors, and other stakeholders in the zipper slider industry. What The Report Covers The assessments in the report revolve around the zipper sliders industry’s key trends, market challenges, present regulatory landscape, and deployment models. The report also goes [Continue Reading]

Nike Adds a Zipper To The 2018 Air Huarache Zip

October 13, 2017 sbs-zipper.com 0

Nike is doing interesting upgrades to their 2018 Air Huarache sneakers. The images of its first look began circulating last September 27, and today, we will discuss a brief review of the new Air Huarache. The 2018 edition of the Nike Air Huarache will be called the Nike Air Huarache Zip. As the name suggests, one of the most interesting design changes is the new zipper featured together with the lacing system, giving the Nike Air Huarache zip a bolder, fashion-forward look. About Nike Air Huarache 2018 will be the 28th-year anniversary of the Air Huarache series. Being almost 3 [Continue Reading]

SBS A/W 2018 Zipper Fashion Trend Report

October 13, 2017 sbs-zipper.com 0

SBS Zipper has been accredited as an established zipper supplier and a unique fashion leader within the garment accessory industry since its establishment in 1984. The Design Team at SBS headquarters creates the Zipper Fashion Trend Report in response to the accessory stories in the fashion world biannually. We are very glad to announce the release of SBS A/W 2018 Zipper Fashion Trend Report. If you have attended the Fashion World Tokyo 2017 held lately, you may have witnessed our latest zipper products on display and learned about the zipper fashion trend report on-site for the upcoming seasons.

Selena Gomez Sets in Motion a Giant Jeans Zipper Trend

October 11, 2017 sbs-zipper.com 0

Image Source: Vogue Ever since Selena Gomez was spotted wearing Louis Vuitton jeans with an oversized zipper, the world of fashion has been abuzz with the possibility of a new fashion trend. Naturally, we feel compelled to weigh in on this debate, and help you understand what is going on. The huge bold zipper on an otherwise bland pair of high-rise jeans Selena Gomez was wearing became a fashion highlight that made many stop and took notice. The fashion element must just have ushered in a new and exciting fashion trend, at least for the fall season. The zipper does [Continue Reading]

Pantone-London Fashion Week Spring 2018 Color Palette

September 15, 2017 sbs-zipper.com 0

Colors have become a platform for self-expression and self-exploration. You can tell what type of person someone is just by their choices of color in their clothing. With spring almost in full bloom, new fashionable colors enter the scene. Most of them are unique shades – giving us a new canvas to create something suitable for our taste. Following the New York Fashion Week Spring 2018 Color Palette, Pantone brings you the top 12 London Color Palette Spring 2018 as well as the Spring 2018 Classic Color Palette. These Color Palettes offer a wide variety of colors you can choose [Continue Reading]

Pantone-New York Fashion Week Spring 2018 Color Palette

September 8, 2017 sbs-zipper.com 0

Spring is now coming around and it means new fashion lines, new designers, new outfits and new colors. When it comes to fashion, color is a main contributing factor. It is the first thing most people notice and it could either complete your outfit or completely ruin it. Every year, a whole range of different colors become in fashion, while others become outdated. Let us take a look at the Top 12 New York Color Palette for Spring 2018 and the Spring 2018 Classic Color Palette picked out by the Pantone team for the coming season.

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