SBS Zipper Officially Enters Bangladesh


On April 23, 2024, Xunxing Co., Ltd. officially signed a land lease and investment agreement for the “Bangladesh Xunxing Zipper” project with the Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority (BEPZA). Mr. Shen Weifeng, General Manager of SBS Xunxing Bangladesh Co., Ltd., signed the agreement on behalf of Xunxing Co., Ltd., marking the official entry of “SBS […]

SBS Secures OBP Ocean-Bound Plastic Cert


On March 28th, 2024, Fujian SBS Zipper Technology Co., Ltd. obtained the OBP Ocean-Bound Plastic Certification. Certificate Number:C900824OBP.REC-01.2024 OBP certification is an environmental protection certification specifically designed for ocean-bound plastic products. Its core philosophy aims to reduce the negative impact of plastic on marine ecosystems. This certification focuses on the entire process of ocean-bound plastic […]

Deciphering Zippers: Separating Bottom zippers vs. Closed Bottom zippers


When customers delve into the world of zippers for the first time, their reaction is often one of surprise: “Gosh, I had no idea that there was so much to know about zippers.” Indeed, zippers are ubiquitous in our daily lives, yet their complexity and significance often go unnoticed. In this article, we aim to […]

Elevating Your Gear: The Unrivaled Excellence of Waterproof Zippers


In the intricate tapestry of modern living and outdoor pursuits, few things are as pervasive and essential as zippers. Yet, when it comes to the realm of outdoor adventures and gear protection, one innovation has swiftly seized the spotlight – the waterproof zipper. In this exploration, we will navigate the seas of waterproof zipper technology, […]

Custom Zipper Pulls: An Effective Approach to Showcasing Brand Uniqueness

zipper 67594 1280

In today’s fiercely competitive market, businesses are increasingly focusing on how to highlight brand uniqueness through product details, and custom zipper pulls are becoming a prominent element in this regard. This article delves into the advantages of custom zipper pulls and why more and more businesses are choosing this unique branding strategy. Why are Businesses […]

Zipper Color Matching: Factors Affecting Zipper Color

different light sources

Color matching is an important quality control step usually carried out during the manufacturing of zippers. Its primary purpose is to ensure color consistency among different parts and batches of zippers, thus meeting the appearance requirements and quality standards of products. The Factors Influence Color Judgment The perception of color involves three key elements: light […]

Ensuring Safety and Quality: The Application of Needle Detection in the Zipper Industry

needle detection

In the modern fashion world, zippers have become an indispensable part of people’s lives. However, for this seemingly simple accessory, quality and safety have never been overlooked. As a company dedicated to zipper production, we have always attached great importance to the quality and safety of our products, and one crucial tool in achieving this […]

How To Prevent The Discoloration Of SBS Metal Zippers

sbs metal zipper

With the development of the clothing industry, the new materials, new techniques as well as the washing process and post-treatment of the ready-to-wear products have witnessed increasing diversification. You may have experienced the discoloration of the teeth and slider of the metal zipper (red copper, brass & copper-nickel-zinc alloy) or dye transfer of the fabrics during the […]

A Guide To The Installation And Application of SBS Invisible Zippers

invisible zippers 1

With the increasing diversification of women’s dressing styles, fabrics and sewing methods, more attention should be paid to the installation and application of invisible zippers due to their special design. In this post, we would like to point out some of the issues that you may frequently run into during the installation and application of […]

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